Super Meat Boy Forever: Worship Jump-N-Run Heir to Switch and PC

Super Meat Boy Forever: Worship Jump-N-Run Heir to Switch and PC

The successor to the popular hardcore jump-n-run Super Meat Boy has now appeared more than two years late. Super Meat Boy Forever is initially available for PC and Nintendo Switch at the Epic Games Store. Next year the game will be released for Xbox, PlayStation and Steam. The game continues the story of its predecessors, this time the baby of the named meat and his girlfriend Bandage Girl must be rescued from the hands of the villain Dr. Fetus. To this end, the developers have created approximately thousands of integrated levels.

The forerunner, which appeared ten years ago, has long been regarded as a classic; In 2012, the documentary gave an overview of how it was made and the sweat day it was released. Super Meat Boy draws its charm from the combination of precision controls and fast games with the highest level of difficulty. Games must move the named meat safely through obstacles in a very short time, and the amount of difficulty will quickly increase tremendously. If it does not work, the condition will restart without any waiting time, and this can lead to a real addiction. The heir must now create this, but with additional control options. So you have to put it in the box with the rest.

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The Heirs now published First announced in 2014 by two original developers, Edmund Macmillan and Tommy Refenez. Macmillan then left the project. In 2017, Refness announced a release in 2018, and for tons of sites. But it came to nothing, and many postponements followed. Refence later announced that the title would be available exclusively for one year at the Epic Game Store for PC. The jump-n-run will not appear on Steam until Christmas 2021.

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