Switzerland-Portugal, live – handball

Switzerland-Portugal, live - handball

46 ‘- Humberto Gomez’s best defense, with his left foot, a shot in favor.

45 ‘- Humberto Gomez misses the shot despite taking an empty Swiss goal. 45 ‘- Victor Iturisa plays a great game, expanding on Portuguese counter-attack (24-28).

44 ‘- Schmidt scores his 10th goal of the game (24-27)!

44 ‘- Brand Belon Morera (23-27)!

43 ‘- Portugal play without goalkeeper to make up for Salina’s absence.

42 ‘- Rui Silva and another goal from Portugal again three goals ahead (23-26)!

42 ‘- Tamaro Salina is ruled out for two minutes; This is an important moment in the game!

41 ‘- Rui Silva goes up and scores for Portugal (23-25).

40 ‘- Roman Siderovich swings to the right (23-24).

Portugal is asking for a time discount.

40 ‘- Roman Siderovic scores a superb goal (22-24).

38 ‘- Lenny Rubin rises and scores from 9 meters (21-24).

38 ‘- Fabio Magalhees pays another goal on the same coin and turns the advantage into four goals (20-24)!

37 ‘- Schmidt J. Soma 9 Colos (20-23).

37 ‘- Fabio Magalheis now appears on the left to surprise Swiss defenders (19-23).

37 ‘- Schmidt is a family allowance in Switzerland (19-22).

36 ‘- Excellent security mission for Portugal.

Switzerland is asking for a time discount.

35 ‘- Swiss defense error, Fabio Magalhees steals the ball, isolates himself and extends his advantage to Portugal (18-22).

35 ‘. The best part from Point Pedro is Fabio Magalheis’ pass (18-21).

34 ‘- Switzerland low (18-20).

35 ‘- Fabio Magalhees hits another and puts the difference back on three goals (17-20).

34 ‘- Lenny Rubin from front, 9 meters (17-19).

33 ‘- Victor Iturisa scores his sixth goal of the match (16-19).

32 ‘- Schmidt drops 7 meters (16-18).

31 ‘- Fabio Magalhees goes up to the second floor and scores 9 meters (15-18).

31 ‘- Humberto Gomez’s best defender.

The second part begins!

Portugal reach the gap to win by two goals difference, which is a short advantage, but it also reflects the checked balance in the game. Everything will be open for the second part.

The first part ends (15-17)!

29 ‘- Lenny Rubin cuts (15-17).

28 ‘- Best goal from Itturza in the fall, with another pass from Miguel Martins (14-17).

28 ‘- Shot by Andre Gomez, but Nicola Portner is watching.

27 ‘- Samuel loses from Gehender (14-16).

26 ‘- Jono Feroz enters the 6m and does not apologize (13-16).

26 ‘- Andre Gomez tries a hat, but takes his measurements wrong.

25 ‘- Dynowski made his debut in Switzerland (13-15).

25 ‘- Diego Frankinho comes from the left and puts the Portuguese advantage on three goals (12-15).

24 ‘- Portugal counterattack, Iturisa makes it easy to shoot and the Swiss goalkeeper saves.

23 ‘- Jono Feroz stretches from 9 meters (12-14).

22 ‘- Victor Iturisa Nicola Portner finds excellent storage.

21 ‘- Marvin Lear wins 7m free kick; Schmidt makes Quintana a hat and scores (12-13).

Time discount requested by Switzerland.

21 ‘- Idurisa cannot be stopped at 6 meters (11-13).

20 ‘- Nicholas Raimy cuts (11-12).

20 ‘- Antonio Area scored a brilliant goal from the right corner, at almost closed angle (10-12).

19 ‘- Chedri Dynovsky was sent off for two minutes and Portugal have a number advantage.

19 ‘- Coach Paulo Perera receives a yellow card on the bench.

18 ‘- Portugal leads (10-11).

17 ‘- Shot by Andre Gomez, goalkeeper Portner scores Portugal’s empty goal with a shot from the beach (10-10).

16 ‘- Jono Ferras was sent off for two minutes.

16 ‘- Andre Gomez scores his third goal (9-10).

16 ‘- Nicola Portner’s good defense with a shot from Andre Gomez.

15 ‘- Marvin Lear equals 6m (9-9).

15 ‘- Andre Gomez leads Portugal (8-9).

14 ‘- Schmidt scores his fifth goal of the game (8-8).

13 ‘- Another goal by Victor Iturisa, passed by Miguel Martins (8-7).

12 ‘- Milosevic position with a shot from the front (7-7).

12 ‘- 6 m unforgiving Victor Iturisa, best pass from Miguel Martins to center (7-6).

Time discount requested by Portugal.

11 ‘- Nicholas Reimi wins another 7m free-kick, Schmidt is unbeaten (6-6).

10 ‘- Miguel Martins’ best personal effort (5-6).

10 ‘- Schmidt takes a free kick and draws the match again (5-5).

10 ‘- Milosevic wins 7m free-kick in Switzerland attack; Humberto Gomez comes to the rescue.

9 ‘- Victor Iturisa wins 7m free-kick and Antonio Area scores (4-5), No chance for Swiss goalkeeper.

8 ‘- Schmidt scores 7m free-kick (4-4).

8 ‘- Another defense of Quintana; Fabio Magalhees was sent off for two minutes.

7 ‘- Tamaro Salina re-highlights Portugal (3-4).

7 ‘- Excellent defense from Quintana to Schmidt’s shot.

6 ‘- Fabio Magalhees fired for the post.

5 ‘- Milosevic enters the 6m and builds the competition (3-3).

5 ‘- Andre Gomez shoots wide.

5 ‘- Schmidt defeated Quintana in the 7m (2-3).

5 ‘- Alexis Borges defends 6m, Switzerland wins 7m free kick.

4 ‘- Another goal from Miguel Martins, now with a shot back, is in the lead (1-3).

3 ‘- Rubin cuts from the middle (1-2).

2 ‘- Miguel Martins expands after Switzerland throws a ball into the goal post (0-2).

1 ‘- Andre Gomez opens the scoring for Portugal with a 9m suspension shot (0-1).

The competition begins!


Switzerland: Leonard Grazioli (gr), Aurel Brinkolf (gr), Nicola Portner (gr), Alan Milosevic, Andrei Schmidt, Chhetri Dynowski, Jonas Schelker, Lenny Rune, Lucas Morse, Marvin Lear, Maximilian Gerbell, Dominic, Philip Novak, Roman Sidorovich, Samuel Gehender and Samuel Rothlisberger.

Coach: Michael Sutter

Portugal: Alfredo Quintana (gr), Humerto Gomez, Alex Cavalcondi, Alexis Borges, Andre Gomes, Antonio Arera, Belon Morera, Tamaro Salina, Diego Francois, Diego Silva, Fabio Magdalen, .

Coach: Paulo Pereira

– FC Porto left-back Andre Gomes is also optimistic: “It may have fallen on both sides against Norway, but the exceptions have damaged our ambition. We are in the process of advancing year after year in our chemistry. We can not think of an opponent because Switzerland has a good team and good players. The World Cup is very competitive and every game is a battle. “

– “Since we are here, we want to be in the final. This is our dream and the dream of all the Portuguese. We could have done better against Norway, but we are already in Switzerland and focused on what we need to do to overcome this stage. Switzerland should not be a team here, but Re-captured and embarking on a great journey. Central Andy Schmidt brain, it will be a new fight. “, Considered the leading Alexis Borges.

– Defeat against Norway does not shake Portugal’s confidence in Egypt World Cup. After almost touching the doubles runner-up world champion, the choice to advance to the quarterfinals is the only thing that matters is success. Against a team taken at the last minute – in place of the United States, Kovit-19 was shocked by the eruption – but that is surprising.

– Good afternoon, come to Switzerland-Portugal, the match for the 2nd round of the main round 3 of the Handball World Championship which starts at 2:30 pm.

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