Take a look at the Tesla Model 3’refresh’ power lift gate first

Take a look at the Tesla Model 3'refresh' power lift gate first

Tesla has made several subtle changes to the “refreshed” Model 3 of all recently released electric sedans, from the new chrome erase accents to the new center console. Electric lift gates have become standard across the Model 3 line, which is a welcome update that electric vehicle buyers will love.

Images recently shared by Tesla owner enthusiasts Tesla Large We provided interesting details about the new electric lift gates in Model 3. The image itself features what appears to be a freshly produced Midnight Silver Metallic Model 3 with the trunk open. According to the photo, Tesla has placed a dedicated electric lift gate button on the passenger side and electric struts are installed on the driver’s side.

Placement of Power lift gate button It’s no surprise that Model 3’s close sibling, Model Y, also has a dedicated electric liftgate button on the passenger side. Interestingly, Tesla seems to have decided to use only one power strut for the refreshed Model 3, unlike Model Y, which powers struts in both the driver and passenger seats.

Of course this could be due to the Model 3’s trunk. Not heavy It’s similar to the Model Y, but gives a rather asymmetric look to the liftgates of all electric sedans, as noted by several Tesla owners and enthusiasts on Twitter. This makes OEM Model 3’s power lift gate different from third-party solutions such as: Tesla offer, There are two electric struts.

Tesla is currently attempting to deliver a record number of electric vehicles this quarter with a goal of delivering more than 180,000 vehicles to customers by the end of this year. To achieve this, electric vehicle manufacturers not only need to produce enough vehicles, but they also need to make their cars look as attractive as possible to potential customers.

Model 3 is Increased range and improved performance For the Long Range Dual Motor AWD and Performance versions, attractive new features like a motorized trunk and chrome erase trim can definitely help the company achieve its ambitious 2020 targets.

Take a look at the Tesla Model 3’refresh’ power lift gate first

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