TAM confirms its intention to expand its business in Juntia

TAM confirms its intention to expand its business in Juntia

TAM confirms its intention to expand its business in Juntia

On 20/01/2021 at 17:42

During a meeting with Jundia Mayor Luis Fernando Machado, TAM representatives announced their interest in expanding their business in the city. Currently, the company has an flight maintenance workshop at Commandant Rolim Adolfo Amaro State Airport. “Jundia is becoming a major hub for commercial aviation,” said Leonardo Fusa, President / CEO of TAM. The conversation took place this Wednesday (20), at the Municipal Palace.

Aviation highlights Jundia’s importance in the national scene

The mayor outlined the characteristics of the municipality of Jundia and the benefits that the city offers, in addition to its privileged location. “Jundia is the 7th largest economy in the state of Sவோo Paulo and the 17th in Brazil. .

Government and Finance Manager (UGGF) Jose Antonio Parimochchi said these characteristics will be strengthened in the coming years with the plan to internationalize the local economy and transform the city into a smart city. The infrastructure for this project has already been implemented, which includes 380 km of highways, which will bring high speed internet to all parts of the city and provide improvements in services and are part of the municipality’s development strategy.

“Jundia already has 160 multinationals in its industrial park, which puts the city in the main business streams of the global economy. In addition, we will invest in innovations that will help attract manufacturing investments. Therefore, the expansion of TAM’s operations in the city strengthens this strategy,” he told the manager.

Mayor Luis Fernando welcomes TAM President / CEO Leonardo Fusa

One of the points Leonardo highlighted about the city was the presence of qualified labor. “As an airline, our employees are very specific,” he explained. “When we came here, in 2004, it was difficult to find staff to meet our needs, but today that has changed: we have all our workers in the municipality.”

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The meeting was attended by Gaza Civil Manager Gustavo Maricel and Economic Development, Science and Technology, Cristiano Lப்pez, and Finance Managing Director Raquel Hoshiba Campos and Human Resources Manager Roberto Salinas de Moraes.

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