Tapatalk has been a very popular Android app in the past few years because many websites provided an easy way to access thousands of web forums through a single application in an era when mobile layouts were limited. The Android version has now been removed from the Google Play store, but the app is still loyal to this day.

Tapatalk appears to have disappeared from the Play Store earlier this week, and app users started to notice its absence on Thursday. Anyone who downloads the app can still use the app, but now the VIP subscription is not available because it relied on Google Play in-app billing.

VIP subscription currently unavailable (source: aametalart)

Tapatalk’s social media channels Twitter account It has not been published since April and the company’s Facebook page It has been inactive for more than a year. However, the admin of Tapatalk’s own forum I checked It is said that Google deleted the app. The manager said, “We are working with Google Play to find out what the problem is. Please wait for the update.”

The exact reason for the app takedown is currently unclear, but Google Many App recently for completely stupid reasons. Podcast addicts were briefly removed in May. Because it can be used to play podcasts about COVID-19 I brought the slides for Reddit. One screenshot contains the word “ISIS” I haven’t been able to use Tasker for a while. Due to an error in our automatic review process

In the meantime you still Download Tapatalk from APKMirror.

Tapatalk-200,000+ forums
Tapatalk-200,000+ forums