Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds give us a ‘hell made match’

Taylor Swift, Ryan Reynolds give us a ‘hell made match’

Ryan Reynolds did a great job, a little help from Taylor Swift and a lot of help from the totally hellish year we live.

Deadpool star Maxim Efort has produced an ad featuring Swifts on diving site Match.com. Registered version His 2008 hit “Love Story.” “A match made in hell is still a fitting one,” he said Reynolds kept.

In this place a girl’s username is “two-zero-to-zero” and a boy, whose name is Satan.

This was 11 months ago. From the dating app to his phone ringing with an announcement, the big red guy and his massive horns are never bored because they are lords over the fiery hell. “You’re a match!” “Feelings are mutual, so what are you waiting for?”

Bingo! The meeting is ongoing.

“Satan?” The woman says temporarily when they meet under a romantic bridge.

“Hello!” He replied nervously. “Two-zero-two-zero?”

“Please,” she goose. “Call me 2020.”

“So where are you from?” She asks when they start browsing. Satan says, “Hell.”

“Me too,” he replied. And can be identified around the world.

Its frantic lines for Swift’s successful “Love Story”: “Romeo, take me somewhere I can be alone / I’ll wait, all I have to do is run / You’ll be a prince, I’ll be a princess / It’s a love story, baby, say ‘yes’. “

The music supports a set of dates including feeding each other strawberries for a picnic on an empty football field, working together in a shut-down gym, going to a movie in an empty theater and happily stealing rolls. Scrolls of toilet paper. She is playing to pull her into a church.

There is also a selfie of our couple, shot in front of an open dumpster fire. Because … 2020.

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“I don’t want this year to end,” Satan says as they both watch the sunset.

“Who?” 2020 Answers – Comets will rain on Earth.

The ad ends with the slogan “Make 2020 your year”, but quickly changes to “2021” instead.

This is an advertisement to review whether you are single, married, dating or simply with dystopia triggered by this infection.

In correcting her, Swift also gave an update on her efforts to recreate the music she recorded early in her career. The masters were recently resold Without his input.

“Well, while my new re-recordings have not been made, my friend cvancityreynolds asked me if I could use a snippet of one for a big business he wrote,” he tweeted on Wednesday, “So … here’s the ultimate story of love! I’re working hard to get you music soon! ! ”

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