Technology that Proves the Future of Gaming is Already Here

Playing video games on consoles and computers, flash games through web browsers, and free casual games on mobile has been the status quo for many years. Gaming has become the dominant force in entertainment because of the accessibility granted by widely-adopted technologies. Now, new creations are pushing the tech-driven industry to new heights, propelling its increasing popularity even further.

Much of this new tech has long been seen as emerging or futuristic, but now we’re at a point where we can say that the future of gaming is already here. From exploring new realities to playing in-person from the other side of the globe, an almost science-fiction scene of gaming is available for you to enjoy right now.

Virtual reality comes to the masses

Virtual reality gaming has been around for a long time, but just as it was gaining speed, and experts were tipping it to burst into the mainstream, the whole sector stalled. A lack of public willingness to adopt the clunky headsets, all of the other gear required, and the premium pricing forced VR to remain a niche platform long after it was expected to boom.

Now, however, thanks to some more cost-effective VR sets that can be used alongside existing video game consoles, such as the Labo on the Nintendo Switch and PSVR on the PlayStation 4, more people are engaging with virtual reality. Being tied to consoles, or the more premium kits needing high-end PCs, VR was still very much tied as a niche side offering to existing gaming platforms.

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After years of hefty investment in hardware and game studios, Facebook’s company Oculus has now brought out the most accessible VR gaming kit on the market. The specialized Oculus Quest set only features a relatively quaint headset and two touch controllers that just take the form of a handle with a ring on top. It’s easy to set-up, has built-in sensors for movement tracking and room-scale tracking, and doesn’t require a connection to a computer or console – but that feature is available if desired.

Gaming at the table from any device

It used to be that there was a distinct difference between playing classic card games online and playing them in a gambling hall. The main difference was that the online version was simulated, and while the graphics held up well, it didn’t offer the authentic feel of seeing a human croupier play real cards in-person. It’s all changed now, though, with the lines being blurred between in-house and online gaming for the biggest game in India.

Now, anyone can play Teen Patti live through their mobile or computer, with the game connecting them through a live stream to a real table. Going into the Ezugi creation effectively grants you a virtual seat at a real table that’s being streamed in from miles away. Once seated, you’ll bet on the game, the croupier will deal the cards, and any wins will be rewarded to you in real-time. It allows you to get the authentic experience despite being in the comfort of your own home and while playing via a smartphone or computer.

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The dream of cloud-based gaming is being realised

Cloud-based gaming was swatted down almost as soon as it arrived, with Google’s Stadia and its massively hyped launch falling flat. Lacking promised features, games, compatibility, and presumed payment models, Stadia’s near-catastrophic launch gave the innovative new way to game a bad name. Much more quietly, however, Microsoft has been gradually building up its own cloud-based game streaming.

Where Google jumped the gun, Microsoft has tempered expectations, worked through bugs, and will soon be launching the streaming platform Project xCloud. Still in early access in restricted regions, it will feature as many as 100 Xbox games and a tremendous amount of compatibility with phones, tablets, and computers. Best of all, it will be the “Netflix of gaming” as Project xCloud will be included in the Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $14.99 per month.

The future of gaming has already arrived, with game streaming, live real-time gaming, and all-in-one VR gaming accessible to the masses.

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