Telegram: Beware of encryption of this WhatsApp competitor

Telegram: Beware of encryption of this WhatsApp competitor

After the dominant platform breaks the trust of users with the new privacy policy, Telegram and Signal will face the exit of millions of new users of WhatsApp. But it is important to know your competitor Telegram well.

There is a capture on this instant communication platform that, unlike the signal, the telegram does not have final first-to-last encryption enabled by default. This is a feature in the messaging service, but it can escape from less attentive users.

There is something you need to know about Telegram

First, the issuer Final to final encryption It is understood that the contents of the message can only be accessed by both the recipient and the sender. Even if the message is stored on a server, such as Signal or Apple’s iMessage, only those with an encryption key can read it, or access the contents of the message.

This means that in the event of an intrusion on the server that stores the messages, a computer attack or Infiltration, Pirates have no way to read the news. The encryption key or code is not on the same server.

In view of the above, the need or serious recommendation to implement final to final encryption in instant messaging services is immediately understandable. So it is imperative that security in 2021.

Telegram also has end-to-end encryption if you know where to look

Above we see the testimony of Mike Isaac, one of the technical reporters The New York Times. The journalist begins by rejecting the combination of Telegram and Signal, the main alternative to WhatsApp advertised as similar sites.

Also, although the two offer many instant communication services on the Internet, there are significant differences between the two. The Telegraph Seen as a social network + messenger, by default end-to-end encryption is not active.

A Signal, According to it, it is a classic messenger, by default final to final encryption is implemented. So, it is a safe and highly respected option for user privacy when looking for an alternative to WhatsApp.

Secret conversations on the telegram

The telegram provides final first-to-last encryption In secret rooms. Like Facebook Messenger in confidential conversations that any user can use. This is an option available in use for those who expect maximum security.

This safety standard is always available from the signal. Telegram (and Facebook Messenger) are optional. This is something that the user should pay attention to in order to use and utilize it. Something that may go unnoticed by some users.

As one user on Twitter pointed out, in response to the release Times, The final encryption to the end, is inherently active and has its drawbacks. In particular, the inability to sync conversations and history when using more than one device.

According to it, WhatsApp has enabled the final to final encryption in chats and personal conversations between family, friends and close contacts. However, when it comes to conversations with companies, the quality of security is very broad.

It can also be said that WhatsApp enables changes in encryption of conversations between companies and private users on its platform. The new rules will come into effect on May 15, 2021 and have created the biggest challenge.

Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp, three sites with encryption

A Signal This security protocol is in effect by default in all conversations. It is considered to be the most respected site for user privacy.

A Share This security protocol is active in conversations between family, friends and some companies operating on its platform. However, from May, it will change as the new privacy policy comes into force, which will mainly affect chats with WhatsApp services and companies that use the Facebook platform.

A Telegraph By default you do not have this security protocol. However, any user can take advantage of it by activating secret channels or secret chats, which only applies to a two-person communication channel.

Finally, the Facebook Messenger It also includes this security protocol for confidential conversations without default.

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