‘Tenet’, B CinemaScore, Christopher Nolan Lowest in 14 Years


Audience acceptance metrics arrive as the film slowly begins to release in the US market.

Audience word of mouth Christopher NolanTime bending return to the screen”caution.” According to CinemaScore“Tenet,” a survey of audiences to rate movies on a scale from F to A+, received a B rating. It’s not a death baffle, but it’s likely lower than expectations for audience-loving Nolan and “Tennet” publisher Warner Bros. There are already mixed reviews for films starring John David Washington and Robert Pattinson. At IndieWire). Nolan is the lowest since “The Prestige”, one of the film director’s more modest revenues and more modest budget efforts.

Past Nolan CinemaScores include: “Insomnia” (2002): B; “Batman Begins” (2005): A; “The Prestige” (2006): B; “The Dark Knight” (2008): A; “Inception” (2010): B +; “The Dark Knight Rise” (2012): A; “Inter Stella” (2014): B +; And “Dunkirk” (2017): A-. (To be fair, the “B” stamp is also the first CinemaScore we’ve seen in a while, but the YA dramedy “Words on Bathroom Walls” scored an A.)

Meanwhile, reviews are scattered between accusations of the film’s overly complex pride that combines espionage and science fiction and shouting “Tennet” as a messianic return to the theater. The audience, like Christopher Nolan, Sound mixing. “Tenet” also contains many explanations to explain the plot.

According to IndieWire’s review, “What kind of drawing is this? Big, definitely: IMAX scaling, a staggering 150 minutes even after strikingly ruthless editing. It’s also clever. Yes, the palindrome title, although tiring and somewhat unpleasant, has a somewhat narrative correlation. When the Second Coming comes, the’tenet’ is like witnessing the Sermon on the Mount preached by the Savior. All awe breaks down with follow-up questions.”

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Even if there is no New York or Los Angeles market, “Tenet” still performs well at box offices in the US and abroad. “Tenet” is expected to generate more than $100 million in revenue internationally during the Labor Day weekend and dominates China’s box offices with more than $20 million to date.

The box office is closed in most New York and California states, New Mexico, North Carolina, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Oregon, and parts of Pennsylvania, but Warner Bros. is hoping “Tennet” will help the theater. If possible, stand up again.

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