Tesla is pushing ahead with a new Full Self-Driving beta update, Elon Musk says it could cut the intervention by a third.

Tesla is pushing ahead with a new Full Self-Driving beta update, Elon Musk says it could cut the intervention by a third.

Tesla has begun pushing new software updates under the Full Self-Driving Beta program, and CEO Elon Musk has already said it can reduce driver intervention by a third.

Less than two weeks since. Tesla started promoting the first version of the “fully autonomous” feature. It is a beta version for some users.

As previously reported Tesla is already collecting a lot of data. It is being used by the test fleet to improve the system.

Yesterday Tesla started pushing the new 2020.40.8.12 software update to owners with ealry access FSD beta and reported a smoother experience of AI’s driving capabilities.

CEO Elon Musk said via Twitter that the update could reduce driver intervention by up to 33%.

“We measure this primarily as the probability of intervention. This update addresses several issues, reducing the number of interventions by one third. Many improvements consist of fixing silly bugs and Grand Eureka Moments. In my experience, this is true for most beta releases. “

As previously reported, Tesla calls the system “fully autonomous,” but in reality the driver must be ready to put his hand on the steering wheel and take control.

Tesla can learn from these interventions to improve neural networks in future updates.

Musk says automakers plan to roll out the Full Self-Driving beta more broadly in the US later this year by pushing new updates every 5 to 10 days.

The CEO warns that the error will never reach zero, but Tesla’s hope is that the error will be lower enough to be safer than humans, removing driver supervision restrictions.

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“Defects are never zero, but at some point the probability of error will be much lower than the average human.”

Musk had previously said that Tesla could achieve this goal by the end of 2020, but now it is unlikely that this will happen only in the FSD beta, which is scheduled for a more extensive release in December, and that version will still rely heavily on driverism. Is expected.

The new software update released last night also comes with an updated user interface with new visualizations.

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