Tesla, Lincoln Consumer Reports 2020 Credibility Survey, Mazda First Success

Tesla, Lincoln Consumer Reports 2020 Credibility Survey, Mazda First Success

One reason the Mazda topped the CR survey for the first time was the excellent Mazda 3 small car.


It’s time of year again. Consumer Reports It has rounded up data collected from owners of more than 300,000 vehicles and provided its annuals Vehicle reliability survey. The 2020 survey finds a significant shift in routine skepticism in the findings of a nonprofit organization, including a new trusted high dog. Mazda is the title of the survey for the first time, with respondents holding knives for Tesla and Lincoln – these two American brands have been determined to be the less reliable car makers of the survey.

Consumer reports praise Mazda’s first approach to the Japanese automaker’s conservative approach to powertrain and infotainment technologies. By avoiding major, unproven changes every year, Mazda continues to grow its credibility. Because of its many technologies and components used in its standard vehicles, those reliability enhancements are shared throughout the brand.

The second and third highest places are reliability lovers Toyota and Lexus. The story here is similar to Mazda; Toyota wrote the book on quiet, conservative reliability. Toyota’s current models all received “average or excellent reliability” scores in the survey, while most Lexus models boasted of “excellent reliability” – the only exception being the new LS. Sedan with a “below average” score.

The most advanced award goes to Buick … like that. The most trusted domestic automaker ranked fourth overall this year. The paradox, however, is that its excellent ranking is due to the fact that it makes fewer improvements over its smaller and older lineup. The Again Basically has not changed since 2012 Enclave Two years old, so Buick had plenty of time to clear the Kremlin of those cars.

Honda Saw a huge improvement, climbing seven places to finish fifth Passport SUV and Odyssey Minivan. Overall in ninth place – five places lower than last year – Porsche Is the highest European brand.

Of the FCA Ram trucks The brand was ranked seventh overall, despite seeing different reports for its two models. The reliability of the new one was calculated to be “below average” RAM 1500, Citing countless electronic issues. At the same time, the RAM 2500 heavy-duty truck – which was redesigned with the 1500 and should be identical, if not identical, the electronics – received a “above average” rating. Go count.

2020 Ford Explorer ST

Called “one of the lowest rated models from any manufacturer” between the many memorabilia and the CR, the new Ford Explorer is off to a rough start.

Emme Hall / Roadshow

Is at the opposite end of the spectrum Ford, Dragged by the recently redesigned Escape and Explorer SUVs – Seen Later Many Recalled This year And the so-called CR “low-score models – domestic or foreign – from any manufacturer this year.” Sharing sites with Ford, Lincoln suffers similarly. However, the recently canceled Continental and MKZ sedans did not increase its rating, dropping Ford’s luxury hand down the list of 26 brands.

The second Tesla from the bottom of the barrel. The electric car manufacturer’s new model Y SUV is seen to be more than a fair share of its first model year of misery, with owners reporting incorrectly designed body panels, mismatched paint and “even human hair stuck in the paint”. This is not just the Model Y: the Model S and Model X fell below “below average” ratings this year, losing CR’s recommendation in the process. In fact, it is the only Tesla Model 3 sedan to receive the CR’s recommendation.

This is definitely a list of “most trusted brands”, not a list of “best” cars. New models receive “worse than average” reliability ratings on 44% of new or redesigned 2020 models surveyed. With the new engines, infotainment packages and components will solve the problems for new Kyrgyz, Kinks and automakers. Over time, these models To Make their opening year shortcomings and reliability needs to be improved. For now, it looks like it didn’t pay to take the chances.

I will not spoil the whole list here. To see where your favorite automaker landed, take a look at the rest Guide to consumer reports on car reliability.

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