Tesla Model Y makes a strong impression on VW’s Herbert Diess after a test drive.

Tesla Model Y makes a strong impression on VW's Herbert Diess after a test drive.

Volkswagen Group Board Chair Herbert Diess appears to be in the social media roll recently, following up on his post about Elon Musk’s visit, along with some new details about Tesla CEO’s ID test drive session. In addition to this, Diess recently revealed that he was able to test-drive the Model Y and, based on his statements of all electric crossovers, seems to be impressed with Tesla’s latest work.

As Diess mentioned, he and his colleague Frank Welsch were able to ride Model Y. Volkswagen Group executives do all electric crossovers. “Reference” for car manufacturers It’s something like the VW, at least in terms of the vehicle’s user experience, driving capabilities, performance and range. Diess also praised the Model Y as an electric vehicle built from scratch. That’s what VW management feels lacking in other veteran automakers launching EVs.

(credit: Herbert Dice/ LinkedIn)

“Of course, I tested Tesla Model Y with my colleague Frank Welsch. This car is for us (not all!) in many respects: user experience, updateability, driving capabilities, performance of top-of-the-line models, charging network, range and more. Big advantage: Model Y, like ID.3, was considered an electric vehicle. Many competitors are still using the ICE platform. The result: they’re not getting the best EV,” Diess wrote.

Overall, the Volkswagen Group management deserves a lot of credit for verifying the merits of Tesla and its vehicles in the electric vehicle sector. Despite the appearance Cast shade at a competitor Like Daimler, where EVs like the Mercedes-Benz EQC are still built on existing ICE platforms, Diess has clearly highlighted his support for the electric vehicle movement in his Model Y post. After all, you need a true EV supporter to openly recognize the advantage of a competitor.

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(credit: Herbert Dice/ LinkedIn)

In addition to sharing his thoughts on Model Y, Diess also posted a selfie featuring himself, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, and Volkswagen ID.3. In his post, Volkswagen executives uncovered rumors that Tesla and Volkswagen are working together. These rumors are mainly Elon Musk’s ID.3 test driveNot only that, but a notable comradeship between Diess and Tesla CEO.

In his post, Volkswagen executives only visited Musk Includes chat and test drive, No more. “To be clear: we drove ID.3 and chatted. No deal/cooperation,” Diess wrote.

Elon Musk and Herbert Diess are some of the most vocal advocates of all electric cars today. The two executives have defended each other from critics in the past, Musk said Dice is doing more than its peers in the transition to sustainability, and Volkswagen Group executives told reporters that Tesla is no longer a niche automaker, but legitimate. Is a mass-produced manufacturer. -Market car like Model 3.

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