Tesla owners share how Full Self-Driving Beta works, release notes, and Autopilot settings for the first time.

Tesla owners share how Full Self-Driving Beta works, release notes, and Autopilot settings for the first time.

As part of a limited Full Self-Driving rollout, Tesla owners have begun sharing some images and videos of advanced driver assistance features in action. Based on the video and release notes of a limited beta, Tesla seems to put a great emphasis on safety.

Among the lucky Tesla owners to receive the update Hello. And Hello. The group shared images and short clips from the limited Full Self-driving beta.

Overall, the limited beta’s UI seems pretty rough in its current state. With this in mind, it seems that the wider the visuals of FSD, the more refined it is likely to be.

The Tesla Owners Club Silicon Valley group also recently shared release notes for a limited FSD beta release, which Tesla has marked as “New Early Access Software Update.” Tesla’s focus on safety immediately became clear.

“Full Self-Driving is an initial limited beta version and should be used with extra care. You can do the wrong thing at the worst times., Therefore, you should always put your hands on the steering wheel and pay special attention to the road. Don’t settle down,” the company wrote.

The first paragraph of the FSD update contains the same cautious tone that Elon Musk recently mentioned when he posted about the restricted access FSD beta on Twitter. Musk emphasized in his tweet yesterday that the release of the limited FSD beta would be “very slow and cautious.”

As with the company’s launch of advanced Autopilot features, Tesla advised participants to always hold the handle on the limited FSD beta. This is what Elon Musk has mentioned in the past, with the CEO saying that the FSD still needs driver attention even after it is fully functional.

“When fully autonomous driving is activated, vehicles change lanes on the highway, pick a fork to follow the navigation route, navigate to other vehicles and objects, and turn left and right. Use fully autonomous driving in Limited Beta only if you are constantly paying attention to the road and are ready to take immediate action, especially in blind spots, crossroads junctions and narrow driving situations,” Tesla wrote.

The limited FSD beta implements the results of Tesla’s highly anticipated Autopilot rewrite, which Elon Musk has hinted several times in the past. In the third quarter earnings announcement, Musk shared insights into the limited beta release.

“About the Full Self-Driving Beta release. The Autopilot team, again, is really an all-star team. Spent a lot of time with the Autopilot team. And there are a lot of talented people on that team who have worked incredibly hard to release a beta release. So I really want to thank them for their efforts. And it’s just a group of very smart people.

“So I think we’re starting very slowly and carefully because the world is a complex and messy place. So we’ll reveal it last night, then take a look at how it goes and we’ll be revealing it to more people this weekend or early next week. And then we’re stepping through them gradually until the end of the year until they are widely released,” Musk said.

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