Tesla Roadster and Starman First Approach to Mars

Tesla Roadster and Starman First Approach to Mars

In 2 years and 8 months historical incident And, while you are interested roadster Starman’s journey has been a bit short, but it’s still impressive. If you wake up this morning and have coffee and quietly ask yourself “Hey, Starman is wondering what’s going on today” The answer comes from SpaceX itself. Starman is looking at the Red Planet. Or wait.

“The Starman, who last left Earth, made his first approach to Mars from Mars. It is within 0.05 million miles, or 5 million miles, in astronomical units from Mars.” SpaceX says in a recent tweet.

Of course, it’s not like the Star Man came into Mars at a distance, but it’s much closer than Earth now. WhereIsRoadster A website that tracks the progress of roadsters and pilots. According to the same source, if Roadster’s battery is still running, Starman Space audition 265,533 times a year, Is there life on Mars? Another 357,794 times.

Starman is a mannequin wearing a prototype of a SpaceX spacesuit, and there’s another smaller version inside the Hot Wheels toy Roadster on the dashboard. Data storage device with a copy of Isaac Asimov Foundation A novel is included in case the duo meets aliens on a space trip.

Roadster Launch into space Aboard the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket without any special goals in mind. It moved away at a speed of 4,641 mph (7,469 kph) and, by agreement, it will continue to move into space until it collides with something and is destroyed. Unless it has already happened.

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