Tesla’s’Full Self-Driving’ software is starting to roll out to select customers.

Tesla's'Full Self-Driving' software is starting to roll out to select customers.

Tesla sent its first “Full Self-Driving” beta software update this week to a group of customers, CEO Elon Musk tweeted on Tuesday. In a revenue call on Wednesday, Musk said more Tesla owners will receive updates as the stock progresses with a goal of “wide release” by the end of the year.

Only customers in Tesla’s Early Access Program will receive software updates, which will give drivers access to Autopilot’s partially automated driver assistance system on city streets. The Early Access program serves as a testing platform to help fix software bugs.

Musk said Tesla is approaching this software update “very carefully” because it is “the world is a complex and messy place”. In a letter to investors, Tesla said that the Autopilot team is “focusing on a fundamental re-architecture of our neural networks and control algorithms. This rewrite allows the rest of the driving functions to be released. “

Musk said this rewrite will allow Tesla’s vehicle to interpret the environment in four dimensions rather than two, which will greatly improve performance and speed up software updates.

Previously, Musk “Full feature” version Fully autonomous driving that allows a car to drive from someone’s home to work without intervention. The driver must be ready to take control, even if a problem occurs with the vehicle. Some experts The problem taken The way Musk talks about these features in the past, claims to oversell Tesla car’s features, turning the water into mud.

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Autopilot can center Tesla in lanes, even around curves, and adjust the vehicle’s speed according to the vehicle in front. The “Navigate on Autopilot” function can suggest and perform lane changes to bypass slower vehicles and direct Tesla to highway interchanges and exits. Another function Tesla can slow down Stop at traffic lights and stop signs. The company has not yet allowed its customers to directly control the vehicle at medium speeds, which are more likely to face traffic signals, intersections and other complex problems.

Autopilot is unable to perform some of these tasks if the lane markings on the road are dim or missing and cannot turn. The driver must always hold the steering wheel. Otherwise, the Autopilot will eventually flash a series of warnings before it is completely detached. But when these functions work together feeling Just like a car drives itself — if a car makes a mistake or crashes, the driver is still responsible. (There have been many fatal crashes involving Tesla vehicles with Autopilot enabled.)

In the currency, Musk is Tesla Benefits of autonomous driving Because it already has about 930,000 vehicles on the road. These cars provide training data to record situations and improve the neural networks required for artificial intelligence software that drives autonomous cars. The company’s approach to self-driving cars is primarily focused on recognizing and understanding the world using computer vision or cameras just like humans.

“We have a million cars that provide feedback, and we have some feedback on weird corner case situations that can’t be conceived in the simulation, especially, which is really valuable,” Musk said.

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