Test Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi – Best Smartphones 2020

Test Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi - Best Smartphones 2020

At the end of the year, the Stifting Warranty offers the best mobile phones of the year in its Christmas version. A total of 77 smartphones were tested this year. In the current release 12/2020, 18 new smartphones have been added. We present the test winners.

Requirements are high on modern smartphones: a good camera, plenty of battery, sharp display and stylish housing. The Stifting Warranty, which already covers 373 smartphones, is constantly checking the latest devices and constantly updating their comparisons. Samsung’s best models, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and an interesting price tag from Xiaomi are very new. One of the newly tested models joins the list of test winners. We present the results of the Christmas edition in detail:

Smartphone on trial: Stiftung warranty tests are like this

In The current release 12/2020 tests the Stiftung Vorontest 18 new smartphones including the new Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are back. Recent models from Huawei, Motorola, Xiaomi and Samsung have also been reviewed.

The main focus of the smartphone test is on basic functions such as voice quality, network sensitivity and system power. Camera and handling and battery performance and display were tested in detail. Stability is also explored.

Test winners: These are the best phones of 2020

No manufacturer can ignore Samsung this year. The three current models are in the first place and they are the best smartphones of the year. The Galaxy Note 20 And both versions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 all reached the test quality rating of “Good (1.8)”, so the test winners. The models impress with their amazing displays and powerful cameras. They survive unscathed even in drip testing.

Apple fans have the best quality with minor flaws: Apple’s new flagship, The IPhone 12 Pro (128GB) The test quality rating was “good (1.8)” and thus a high quality. Criticisms arose from testers about the missing headphones and the charger in the box. Apple has removed two new models from the delivery range.

With the A14 Bionic chip, the 12 series iPhones calculate faster than previous models and the display and camera are of very good quality. Thanks to the stainless steel frame, the Pro passes the drop test significantly better than the iPhone 12, so it is further ahead in testing. Only another manufacturer in third place: Das Google Pixel 4XL Receives a “good (2.0)” rating.

Cheap good this year with overall quality “good (2.1)” Mi10 Lite from Siomi. Surprisingly, this is the best battery powered smartphone. This year is something special IPhone SE “Overall (2.5)” with overall quality.

A model from Hawaii is also one of the best models of the year. However, the team will no longer be allowed to use Google services. Instead, Hawaii offers its own App Store with moderate success, which is why we do not consider the models on our list.

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Trial Winners Detail: Samsung dominates the leaderboard

Winner of the Year Test: Samsung Galaxy Note20


The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 tops the list on the best of the Stiftung Warranty. It reached a “good (1.8)” rating. The mobile phone impresses with its amazing display with high resolution, and it is very stable in testing.

The Galaxy Note 20 has no doubt about its good equipment: it has been rated “good” for basic functions such as battery and camera. It was rated “very good” for the display, handling and stability.

One of the highlights is the three cameras on the back, which provide excellent photos. There is another success in terms of robustness: it is one of the most stable devices in testing.

Our rating: Excellent display, excellent camera and robust housing – the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 is a worthy test winner. The cell phone is available with 5G technology for 100 euros. It also reached “good (1.8)” quality, but the battery is weak. Primary Note 20 Ultra 5G uses more features for the 108-megapixel camera, however, which also slightly reduces battery life. Also read our detailed Comparison of the two models.

New Apple Primary: iPhone 12 Pro


The new Apple iPhone 12 Pro (128GB) convinced the testers from the Stifting Warrant. The test points rated this model as “very good” for consistency and visibility. The display scored better with its brightness and uniform color rendering.

12 Pro also shone with its strong character. The ceramic-hardened glass device of the display ensured that it could withstand drop tests without damage. Compared to the previous model iPhone 11, this model is faster and better, according to Stiftung Warrant.

The 5G capacity model was not fully trusted only in terms of battery area and only received a “satisfactory (2.8)” sub-rating. This devaluation is mainly due to the fact that Apple does not have a charging cable. It is possible to charge a non-contact fee Matching charger Purchased.

Our rating: Apple continues to set standards in technical specifications. However, it has its price. The buyer currently has to spend 1 1,100 on the principal. It is annoying that the charging cable and headphones are not included in the distribution purpose.

Software Winner: Google Pixel 4XL


Android first: This is the biggest advantage of Google phones. They often get new features and security updates just months before the competition devices. The Google Pixel 4XL impresses with its devices and achieves a “good (2.0)” test quality rating. Above all, the camera, large and bright display and manipulation are appreciated.

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Compared to the test winner, the Pixel 4XL only offers two camera lenses on the back. Ultra-white angle is not included, which is especially noticeable in landscape scenes and group photos. The camera achieves impressive results in the dark through the “night mode”. The battery only reached a “satisfactory” rating with 28 hours of running time.

Our rating: There has been an issue with the Pixel 4 since the introduction of the slightly weaker battery. Google has made improvements with updates, which is where the big advantage lies. With Pure Android, new features and improvements have come to the device in a timely manner and you will always have the latest software. This will take considerably longer with other manufacturers.

Price-Performance Winner: Xiaomi Mi10 Lite


Xiaomi’s Mi10 Lite has topped the hit list of good and cheap smartphones. “Good (2.1)” Overall rating, this model lags behind the best smartphones from Samsung and Apple. The testers rated the battery performance and stability and display quality as “very good”.

However, the smartphone not only attracts with its good price-performance ratio, but also the powerful battery. With about 46 hours of battery life and only 1.5 hours of charging time, the Mi10 Lite is the most economical model and battery winner of the year. Must be compromised with the camera.

Our rating: If you do not want to use your smartphone primarily as a camera, this smartphone from Xiaomi is good for you. The good and at the same time cheap model has above all battery life, good basic functions and additional features like fingerprint sensor and face scan. An excellent model and our price-performance winner of the year.

One of those specials: Apple iPhone SE


At 13.8 x 6.7 x 0.7 cm, the Apple iPhone SE is the smallest smartphone and topped the list of best-selling features from the Stifting Warrant. With a test rating of “good (2.5)”, the model is still one of the best smartphones.

Both basic functions such as stability, visual and manipulation and voice quality and network sensitivity were rated as excellent. Camera and battery life are only rated by Stiftung Warrantest.

Our rating: The reason for the relatively poor rating is hidden in the battery. Tested battery life is 25 hours. However, this is not a big evil. The comparison shows that the battery of Samsung and Google’s best smartphones lasts only about 5 hours out of about 30 hours.

Our results in the smartphone test

Many Samsung devices are in the top 20 models this year. The test winner is particularly strong: it is Samsung Galaxy Note20 Achieved good results in all categories. Many of the best models already offer 5G mobile technology, often at extra cost. This feature is rarely useful at this time, but it does make the device future-proof.

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Apple offers the latest to fans IPhone 12 Pro Better features and better and faster than iPhone 11. It is good and cheap Xiaomi Mi10 Lite.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Smartphones

Is a 5G smartphone worth it now?

In the years to come, 5G will have to become the cellular standard and deliver more speed while browsing on the go. However, at this time, there are still many barriers that prevent fast internet. To use 5G, you need not only the right mobile phone, but also a mobile phone deal that includes 5G. In addition, the expansion of the network is not very advanced, it is currently only available in large cities.

If you want to keep your smartphone for a long time, a model with 5G is useful, and it will be the source in the future. For most users who change their device after two years, the added value is currently low.

What to look for when repairing a smartphone?

It is almost impossible to open new smartphone models and it is often difficult to open yourself. Anyone who wants to further repair their mobile phone should consider the following points:

  • Instructions: At the beginning, look at the detailed instructions with all the important work steps and tools.
  • Spare parts: Usually the original spare parts are not available in stores. You can only use third party products. Make sure these products are of good quality.
  • Work surface: Your work surface should be one thing above all else: clean! Electronic components must be protected from dirt and dust at all times. The same goes for water conservation.

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