Thanks to this there is a hunger crisis in the United States

Thanks to this there is a hunger crisis in the United States

But in those few minutes, Status slowly pushed her food cart and struggled against the cold and the whipping air that took her breath away. In many ways it reflects his life over the past few months.

Due to the epidemic, the condition is one of 50 million Americans who do not have enough to eat this year. According to Feeding America, the largest hunger relief group in the United States, the number of hungry Americans in the United States is heading for a recession, with 56 million Americans at risk of food insecurity.

“I don’t have a turkey,” Level said. “I don’t even know where it’s going to come from. But you know, I have to take it at a time a day.”

The status quo says he is ineligible for unemployment and avoids what he calls his “survival fund” – money he received after his daughters’ father died of cancer many years ago. It was supposed to be for their college funding, but today it pays the bills.

In the summer, he relied on many groceries, but his car was bulk before this fall. Now she has no way to run the pantry in the early morning, making deliveries once a week from Agatha House.

“It’s a relief that I don’t have to buy all that,” he said of the Thanksgiving basket from Agatha House. “It’s a relief that someone is really thinking about me.”

This week, Agatha House prepares Thanksgiving baskets for families who go without food. They are perfectly cured with fresh fruit, a signature Thanksgiving turkey, and a small gift – candles and picture frames tucked inside.

Jeanette Joseph-Greenway, founder of the Agatha House Foundation, said: “I think we should not only give a cardboard box, but also try to imagine ourselves for them.”

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With so many new faces, Joseph-Greenway says pantry demand has increased 100% since the epidemic.

“Many of them come here to meet – in between have to go across. Between their rent and the remaining unpaid bills, they have to come to the food pantry,” Joseph-Greenway said.

Agatha House volunteers deliver new products to those in need in the Franks.

Food pantry distribution ‘necessary’

The unemployment rate in the five metropolitan cities of New York also has the highest number of Govt-19 cases in the Bronx. According to Feeding America, the district of the 15th Congress of the Bronx has the highest food insecurity rate among children in the country. Now that the city’s public schools are only a short distance away, it places a heavy burden on providing food for families.

“There are 22 million children who relied on free and reduced lunch before this epidemic,” said Claire Babinox-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America. “When you hear that schools are closed, it doesn’t mean there are challenges for children with education, but it does mean lost food.”

Regina status & # 39;  Two daughters are doing distance learning at home in their Bronx apartment.

At home with his two high schools, Level now has to come to dinner three times a day.

“I have to buy food regularly because now I have to serve breakfast. Now I have to serve lunch,” he said.

Pantry delivery is required once a week.

“I get eggs, I get milk. So all I have to do now is provide grains only because they like their grains in the morning,” the position said.

People line up to pick up food at the Agatha House Foundation in the Bronx.

Latin and black families make up the majority of the population in the Bronx. Before the epidemic, Feeding America reports that black Americans were almost 2 1/2 times more likely to live in food insecure homes than white Americans, while Latin people were twice as likely. Among their revised food insecurity plans for 2020, 18 of the 25 districts with the highest food insecurity rates by 2020 are black.

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“Color communities are twice as likely to be affected, not only with the underlying diseases that make the disease more dangerous, but also in food and safety,” Babinox-Fontenot said.

‘Demand continues’

In April, the USDA allocated $ 850 million through CARES legislation for the administrative costs and food purchases of food banks. The Department of Agriculture says food banks receive an additional $ 873.3 million to buy agricultural products. But Feeding America says the need for additional federal assistance will increase in the coming months.

“Unfortunately, demand continues. Over the next 12 months, we estimate that the gap between what we have and what our neighbors need is about 8 billion food,” Babinox-Fontenot said.

The incoming Biden administration will face a hunger crisis, but Babinox-Fontenote said there are steps the administration can take to get food to the people in need.

“There are rules that you have to have some work requirements to get food. At one time people were closed and could not even try to get jobs,” Babinox-Fontenot said. “So there are absolutely no regulatory barriers that make it even more challenging for vulnerable communities.”

Regina's condition is OK, and her 13-year-old daughter, Center, feeds their elderly neighbor, Mummy Winning, in the Bronx.

This Thanksgiving will be different for millions of Americans. Yet, despite Status’ struggle to put food on the table, she shares this grateful meal with her elderly neighbor, and she needs it too.

“Even if we didn’t get food from Agatha House or we had a regular chicken every day, it was a blessing to be able to say you were alive to eat it,” he said.

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