The 1980s MTV is back. Apple Launches Apple Music TV Channel

The 1980s MTV is back.  Apple Launches Apple Music TV Channel

Today, Apple released a 24-hour streaming video channel called Apple Music TV that mostly plays music videos, making you think of MTV early days, but in this case there are no ads.

Viewers can watch channels in the TV app (Apple devices like Mac, iPhone, or Apple TV) or in the Music app (located in the Explore tab). You can also find it at:

With no live chat, no interactive features, and no integration with the Apple Music app (e.g. favorite songs feature), users will find the service bare-bones compared to other music-driven streaming. Offering.

But those looking for a return to the early MTV formula, which marathon music videos 24 hours a day with little extra frills, will love a lot here.

Currently, it seems that the channel will mostly stream music videos curated by humans. The opening of the channel is a marathon of the top 100 music videos streamed on Apple Music. Other special events are followed by special events such as the Bruce Springsteen event, which runs throughout the day offering videos and interviews on October 22 in line with Springsteen’s new album. In addition, Apple Music TV will feature a new music video every Friday.

Apple Music TV doesn’t require a subscription to Apple Music or Apple TV+, but at this time, the channel is only available in the US due to licensing restrictions.

Providing this channel can give you space to air some of the music-related content Apple has already produced, but the company hasn’t yet revealed whether it plans to air a documentary (e.g. award-winning director Spike Jonze). . Beasty Boys Story On Apple TV+).

With the channel available on hundreds of millions of active Apple devices, it will be a marketing tool for the company, especially in terms of promoting artists that have a relationship with the Apple Music service.

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