The 3rd best musician in the world by 2020 is from Barcouno

The 3rd best musician in the world by 2020 is from Barcouno

Luis Martello, a Portuguese trumpet player who was born in Barcouno in the municipality of Mealhata but has lived in the UK for more than six years, was recently awarded the bronze medal at the World Music Awards 2020 in the United States. As the third best tool in the world. Award This award is a mark of what I am really doing, always, at the expense of work and a lot of study அவர், he confesses to Diorio de Coumbra, “My family is the peak of a dream of mine and mine”.

The 31-year-old was nominated at the Global Music Awards for his solo concert with Sorondo Southey, which initially aired live on the Internet from a studio in London – it can be found on YouTube in “Luis Martello – Soronto Southey 3 – full live concert section”, two Awarded the Bronze Award for “Best Latin Jazz Singer” and “Best Musician”, making it the third best instrument in the world by 2020. “I was told that this gift was given for its originality and for traveling around the world, for the swings of Argentina, Brazil (Posa Nova), Portugal (Fedo) and the 1920s, 30s and 40s,” he explained to our newspaper.

In Portugal, he began his career with the Philharmonic Association Lyra Barcosse 10 de Acosto (Meilhata), where he was seven to 20 years old; From 2007 to 2010, the Army coordinated the Banda Symphony and the Army Band of Ovora. In Port Portugal, if you are a singer you are the face of the band, if you are a musician, you are another musician, no one knows who he is, he laments.

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Six and a half years ago, when he emigrated to the UK, he worked as a laborer in the restoration, construction and a lumber factory. At some point I was able to buy the trumpet and ran to a Bristol band where I was staying », the young man explains, the winner of the three Big Pants in which he played, explored Latin roots. Do handles songs at every “show” I do, and guarantees 2020 is “his best career year”. Nursing I started playing in nursing homes, a column that had no electricity, allowing me to stay away from them. I play on the street, while they are in their homes, ”he stressed,“ this time, I make at least 180 to 200 pounds in two hours. ”

Luis Martello has recorded at the studio for many famous artists and many sound recordings of Hollywood films, including the last song called “Uber Time called” American Reel and the director of the film Myth: The Oscar. Night Story is starring Portuguese actor Joachim Almeida. VG to be held in Croatia next June He was commissioned to perform and teach at several master classes and international festivals such as the Brass Festival.

At the Mealhata Council meeting on the morning of Monday, January 18, the municipal mayor assured that a congratulatory letter would be sent to the musician. “As soon as possible, we will try to implement this in our municipality,” he stressed.

We remind our readers that the composer Luis Martello was one of the guests at the Fira do Municapio மீ Pyrada in 2018 in a different music record than the current one.

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