The 95-year-old woman was accused of being complicit in 10,000 deaths during the Nazi regime

The 95-year-old woman was accused of being complicit in 10,000 deaths during the Nazi regime

A German lawyer has accused a 95-year-old woman of supporting and complicit in the killing of more than 10,000 people while working as secretary at the Stuttof concentration camp.

The indictment against the woman, who was only identified as Irmcord F, comes after a five-year trial. But since he was under the age of 21 at the time of the murder, under German law, he would be tried in a juvenile court, where he would receive a lighter sentence.

Irmcord f. Between June 1943 and April 1945 he served as secretary of the concentration camp near Kdansk, Poland, a town known as Dasing during German rule.

“This is your real responsibility for what happens on a daily basis in this field,” Peter Mர்ller-Rakov, a lawyer in Itzeho, north of Hamburg, told reporters who live in a house in Irmkard F.

A regional court will decide whether to pursue an indictment and initiate a trial, which can take months or years for a process to be completed.

60,000 deaths at Stuttop

Last year, a 93-year-old man was charged by the Hamburg Regional Court with complicity in the deaths of 5,230 people aged 17 and was a guard at a concentration camp such as Stuttof.

More than 60,000 people were killed or killed in Stuttop, the first Nazi concentration camp to be established outside German borders.

German authorities are trying to bring as much as possible to court, as the last time people were tortured during the Nazi regime.

John Demjanjuk, who worked for many years as a workshop worker in the United States, was convicted by a Munich court in 2011 of killing 28,000 Jews while guarding a camp in Sofipore, Poland, occupied by Germany in 1943.

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The case will focus on the assumption that the secretary intervened in the atrocities committed by the field guards. Public prosecutors argue that the woman admitted that the camp’s correspondence and several files went through her secretary and that she knew about the killing of some prisoners. But Irmkard F. said he was unaware that prisoners were being massacred in gas chambers. The woman said the window in her office did not face the torture camp and she could not see what was happening.

It is fair to say that “most of these women knew of the persecution of the Jews, and some of them knew that they were being murdered,” says Rachel Century, a British historian who wrote a book on the administration of women in the third place.

According to a public radio interview with the former secretary of state last year, when prison camp commander Paul Werner Hope came to trial in 1957, Irmcard F went to court as a witness. Hopp was convicted of his crimes, but was released in 1960 and died in 1974.

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However, prosecutors did not provide details about the former secretary’s life.

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