The actor of friends leaves a great tip for good Christmas active staff

The actor of friends leaves a great tip for good Christmas active staff

An activity that began in early 2020 will re-emerge later this year. This time, a public acquaintance took part.

Tom Selleck, Richard Burke of Friends, participated in the popular tip challenge 0,020 (like R $ 10,000). This revelation was made by the actor of Blue Bloods, the actor is famous in another series.

People say that the friends star never told anyone about the good deed. Apparently, it was discovered by co-workers at the Elio restaurant in New York.

Tony Wallberg, son of Tom Selleck, who lives in Blue Bloods, showed the tip receipt on Twitter. From the picture, you can see that the friends actor has left a letter for more helpers.

“I found my father Tom Celleck on TV generously accepting the 2020 tip challenge. I love you, Dad. I did not start it, but I’m proud of those who gave me any value,” the Blue Bloods actor who took part in the challenge wrote on Twitter.

In the note, the Friends actor quotes his friend Tony Wallberg: “As for Elios, I am honoring my friend Tony’s Tip Challenge in hopes of a better 2020. Thank you.”

Apparently, the star had accepted the challenge before. However, the revelation was only made now. Check out the post below.

Netflix announced when it dropped out of the Friends list. Until then, there were rumors that the series might be out of service.

Netflix has revealed through social networks that fans have until December 31 to review friends’ episodes. Fans should be saddened by the news – especially popular comedy is not the only accident.

Crazy in the Peace and Gossip Girl also leave Netflix on the same day. So, 2021 starts a little differently for fans of this series.

They all leave Netflix because of the broadcast deal. The series is owned by Warner and is expected to arrive in South America in 2021 with the HBO Max streaming platform.

The same thing happened in the United States. Friends left Netflix North America in 2020, soon to go to HBO Max.

Check out the Netflix ad below.

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