The AP, after losing to Coastal Carolina, dropped BYU in the coaches’ poll

The AP, after losing to Coastal Carolina, dropped BYU in the coaches' poll

PROVO – After the Associated Press and coaches rode heavily in the election, the BYU football team’s failed season crashed to the ground next to the Martil Beach Surf venue on Saturday night.

Then Cookers 22-17 loss to Coastal Carolina, BYU took a quick fall in both polls. The Cougars spent five weeks in the top 10 of the AP before losing 22-17 at Surf Turf.

Similarly, the USA Today Coaches poll pushed BYU’s eight places from 8th to 16th, while Chandigliers, one of the two 10-0 teams in the country, topped 13th.


The first seven inputs In the AP poll Unchanged including rivals from Alabama, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Clemson College football playoffs. Indiana slipped to 8th place vacant in BYU, followed by Miami (Flo.), Iowa State and 11th Coast Carolina in the AP poll – just two losses ahead of SEC power Georgia (7-2).

On a trip to Brooks Stadium in Conway, South Carolina, the Cougars rolled the dice, grabbing the top 25 spots when they visited the former high school grounds built on a watermelon plot. Although the roll did not come out the way BYU wanted it to – doubling the holding time, it rose from 281 yards to 165 on the ground, at least in part – why Voters still had a little bit of respect A three-day notice for a group wanting to travel across the country during an outbreak can see a lot more Calling the Game of the Year.

The game revealed some things about BYU – some good despite some weaknesses. But it also revealed some things about Coastal Carolina, which advanced to the highest ranking in program history and should be in the lead for a New Year’s Six Cup game if Cincinnati loses one of two games to Tulsa or goes to college football playoffs.

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“We were ready to play and look forward to the match. We had the same amount of time we had for Coast Carolina,” said BYU coach Colony Seidage. “When it comes down to it, they’re a good team. They’ve failed for a reason. I do not want to sit here and walk away from them because they were hanged, they did better, they put themselves in a winning position. We had to come from behind and come with a long journey, more of us There was no time left, but they made plays.I want them all to understand that Coast Carolina is a good team.Tonight it showed.

“They overcame us and won.”

Although Redshirt newcomer quarterback Grayson McCall threw just 85 yards at night, the unique diffusion option of sandals from a pistol snatched the PU’s defense. His decision-making style, quick mastery and athletic skills were put on full display in the engineering coastal sport.

“It’s definitely hard, it’s always hard to prepare for an option team,” said BYU line player Isaiah Kafucci, whose team faced offense based offense for the first time since the Labor Day victory against the Navy. “For the Navy, we were three weeks into it, actually dialed in, but at the end of the day it was football — it comes down to blocking, tackling, and getting more points, and that’s where we got short.

“I’m so proud of the team, they fought, we left it there. I hope you know it, we left it there, people were going to say all sorts of things, but at the end of the day we came short and I’m proud of this team.”

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BYU concludes Saturday’s season against former Mountain West rival San Diego State. MD at 8pm at Kigoff Provo.

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