The artificial cornea returned sight to the blind

From Israel, we have the novelty of a blind man who regains vision after being fitted with a new type of corneal implant.

The operation was very successful and as soon as the procedure was completed the patient was able to identify family members and read the numbers.

New corneal implant vision returned to total blindness

Name Company Cornet Created a promising implant that restores vision to the 78-year-old blind. As announced, The Capro For transplantation, the eye is the first implant that can be integrated directly into the wall Corneas Cured or deformed, as well as cancel the need for a tissue donor.


Although artificial corneal implants are already available for debilitated patients, surgeries are complex and are usually performed as a last resort. This, after considering other procedures.

Therefore, unlike other conventional surgeries, fitting the capro is a relatively simple procedure that practically does not require cuts and sutures. In addition, according to Cornet, the implant uses a biometric substance that promotes cell proliferation and facilitates tissue synthesis.

In fact, after the surgery, the patient was able to identify family members and read the numbers on an eye chart.

The animation shows the embedding process

To understand, the animation below shows you which process Cornea Fitted, as well as the final result.

According to Cornet, fibroblasts and collagen facilitate the synthesis of organs, which are completed after a few weeks. Thus, the artificial cornea remains permanently in the patient's eye. What’s more, this promising implant guarantees “exceptionally fast healing times” and a very natural look.

After many years of hard work, seeing a co-worker can easily deploy Cornett's Capro and moving a human comrade the next day's vision of electrification and emotion. There were many tears in the room.

Revealed Glad Litwin, Co-founder of CorNeat Vision.

Now and after the success of the 78-year-old patient, the company has 10 more patients on the waiting list for tests in Israel, as well as plans to open up more opportunities in Canada, France, the United States and the Netherlands.

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