The Atlantic is expanding. Fault is a rare geological phenomenon, but it will one day prevent earthquakes – Observer …

The Atlantic is expanding.  Fault is a rare geological phenomenon, but it will one day prevent earthquakes - Observer ...

Four centimeters. Every year the American continent is farther away from Europe and Africa. Or the Atlantic expands, if we want to look at it from a different angle. The fault lies with a rare geological phenomenon: the increase of objects in the depths of the Earth’s crust in the middle of this ocean.

The results of this scientific report were released this Thursday Nature Magazine. Is exchanged for children, i.e., to facilitate the theme for ordinary people, these continents move very slowly based on tectonic plates. What this study is about is that the plate of the American continents (north and south) and the plate of Europe and Africa are moving much faster than thought.

On these continents, at the bottom of the ocean, lies the Meso Atlantic Ridge, which is part of the global system of ocean ridge lines, with large submerged mountain ranges resulting from the slow removal of tectonic plates. This long mountain range (at some point it emerges from the surface of small islands), is a diverse range of plates moving in opposite directions. The magma of the Earth’s interior rises into space: under this surface, matter arises to fill this void created as the plates move away.

Until now, the scientific community believed that this process was driven by gravitational forces. Thus the dense parts of the plates returned to the base of the earth. However, the driving force behind the separation of the plates from the Atlantic remains a mystery because there are no dense plates in this ocean, they do not sink, they stay at the bottom of the ocean and form new plates.

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Now, under the command of the University of Southampton, seismologists have discovered evidence that the Earth’s mantle, the material between the Earth’s crust and its center, pushed these plates down, causing continents to move very fast.

The strange thing is that when these yields occur – they already did – they occur at small depths, up to a maximum of 60 km. It is formed at a depth of 600 km at a depth of the Atlantic.

We can now ask, what is this thing? In fact, it is already known that the United States has been moving from Europe and Africa for thousands of years. That too came together. But these results bring new knowledge about how the Earth’s interior, the flow of magma (always in motion, in convective currents) is ultimately linked to tectonic plates. These observations were never seen.

And, more importantly. This discovery of the motion of the plates allows us to better understand the catastrophes they cause. There are many more: from earthquakes to tsunamis, of course, ending in volcanic eruptions. One day, perhaps, we will be able to predict them.

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