The Australia-New Zealand travel bubble is finally here, but for now it’s only one way.

The Australia-New Zealand travel bubble is finally here, but for now it's only one way.

(CNN) — Australia will set up travel corridors with New Zealand to allow quarantine-free tourism, and flights are expected to start in a few weeks, but there are problems.

At first, according to Australian Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, the quarantine-free trip is only one way from New Zealand to Australia, and a limited number of destinations will be included in the deal.

Speaking at a press conference in Canberra on Friday, McCormack said Australian states and territories subject to travel restrictions approved by Commonwealth could be included in the new agreement.

For now, the travel bubble includes only New South Wales and the Northern Territory. It starts on Friday, October 16th at 12:01am.

McCormack said New Zealanders who had not been at the coronavirus hotspot in the past 14 days could enter Australia without isolation. According to the existing rules, everyone traveling to Australia is obligated to quarantine at the hotel for 14 days at their own expense.

McCormack said, “This is the first step we hope to see not only as the state and its territory, but also as a cross-Tasman bubble between the two countries”

“I just got a call from (Northern Territory) Prime Minister (Michael) Gunner. He said the fish was biting and the beer was cold. And he wants to see as many New Zealand cousins ​​and friends as possible.”

Australian politicians seem to be more enchanted by this idea than politicians across Tasman.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said Friday that New Zealanders accepting Australia’s offer should still be quarantined upon return.

“If you do it too early, you risk losing all the freedoms we already have in our economy, so we won’t open our borders for a quarantine-free trip to Australia until it’s safe,” she said.

Ardern said this was a safety issue and she encouraged New Zealanders to “spend money locally.”

New Zealand has one of the lowest rates of coronavirus infection worldwide, with only 1,848 confirmed cases overall, and Australia is still working to control outbreaks in Melbourne, the second largest city. Discussion of the potential travel bubble is It continues from at least May.

McCormack said the Australian Department of Health has determined that New Zealand poses a “low risk” of Covid-19 transmission to Australia.

The Deputy Prime Minister said this new travel bubble will free up space for nearly 325 passengers a week to enter the quarantine station. Sydney More foreign Australians can return to their home country. The Australian government has imposed a cap on the number of citizens who can enter Australia over several months to ease pressure on the hotel quarantine system. Thousands Still trapped abroad.

Currently, the New Zealand border is closed to foreign travelers due to restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus. McCormack said it was up to Ardern to decide whether to make an exception for Australians.

“If (New Zealand Prime Minister) Jacinda Ardern wants Australians to go to New Zealand, it will be up to her and New Zealand to decide how and under what conditions such arrangements can be made,” McCormack said.

Under the Commonwealth Coronavirus Hotspot System developed by Australia Chief Health Officer Paul Kelly, an average of 10 or more or more than 30 coronavirus cases acquired locally over a three-day period is considered a “Covid-19 hotspot” It’s possible. 3 consecutive days.

In the countryside or regions, the number is less. The number of coronavirus cases acquired locally is an average of 3 days, 9 over 3 days.
McCormack said South Australia is likely to be the next state to make justice.

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