The Azores government exempts from shipping and sea-tourism activities


At this Wednesday’s meeting, the Council of the Regional Government of the Azores decided to exempt companies engaged in sea-tourism activities from January 1 to 31 from paying fees for the use of berths. May.

The resolution decides to exempt companies engaged in maritime-tourism activities from paying for their operating licenses, as well as to companies with businesses in restaurants, leisure and retail. Exemption from paying fees for occupations of earthworms, land and buildings and occupation of advertising and space in areas of passenger seaports and Portos to Mar Enterprise.

The document also decides to exempt companies engaged in maritime-tourism activities from paying the license fee issued under Section 9 of Ordinance 40/2019 of 30 May.

Responsibility for recognizing the above exemptions rests with the Regional Secretariat for Transport, Tourism and Energy, within the limits of its capabilities.

Established tariff exemptions come into effect for the period from 1 January to 31 May 2021, estimated by the regional government, as an extension of the exemptions granted in the respective resolution, depending on the evolution of the epidemic.

These measures are the result of the international public health situation related to the outbreak of Govt-19 disease, which has direct effects on the global economy rapidly and gradually, and it is important to continue to promote extraordinary measures to combat adverse effects. Infection is caused by economic activity and business life.

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