The Azores government maintains exemptions for sea-tourism companies

The Azores government maintains exemptions for sea-tourism companies

On Wednesday, a decision was taken by the Government Council to “exempt from licensing fees” for companies engaged in maritime-tourism activities.

These companies, as well as “businesses with catering, leisure and retail businesses,” allow the payment of fees for occupations of land, buildings and buildings, the provision of advertising, and the occupation of passenger seaports and ports to Mar Enterprise.

The Azorian administrator says he will evaluate the exceptions “according to the evolution of the epidemic” and its “eventual extension.”

According to the regional government, these measures are “the result of the international public health situation related to the outbreak of Govt-19 disease, which has direct and gradual effects on the world economy, so it is imperative to continue to promote extraordinary measures to combat the adverse effects of economic activity and the lives of companies on the epidemic.”

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