The Ball – 20 We Want to Play in Grantola 2021/2022 பெ (Balance SAT)

The Ball - 20 We Want to Play in Grantola 2021/2022 பெ (Balance SAT)

Now it is official. The club’s mission to change homes in 2021/2022, namely Rui Point Soros, president of the Blues ’SAD, lifted the tip of the veil slightly. Grantola will be the next stop.

We hope to have completed the protocol by February. It has provided more motivation than hope. We are interested in settling in Grandola, representing a region like Allendez, which has a population of 500 thousand, and it has a small voice. Not too long ago now, but I hope we can work with the mayor so we can do something to sign in February. Our preference for next season should already be there, playing, ”said the manager.

As for the game, Rui Point Soros is quiet. Falling to places under the team doesn’t matter to him.

In the 14th round of the round we should get the score, but not the level. This, at this point, is not very relevant. We may still have two or three points, but I know we are at a bad point. But I know when a good phase comes after a bad phase », wanted the leader, confirmed the harmony with Pettit.

A This is the best relationship between a coach and a president. Only if the president is blind and the coach is deaf can there be proper relations. The president doesn’t see things and the coach doesn’t have to ask him. We are strategically aligned on a coherent and solid plan. We decided to build a strong team through training and it will always continue. »

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