The Ball – Ben (Benfica) I felt I was ready to coach Benfica’s main team

The Ball - Ben (Benfica) I felt I was ready to coach Benfica's main team

After 16 years as a coach at Young Eagles, Renato Biva closes the door and explains why he leaves. In an exclusive interview with Bola and Bola TV, the 50-year-old coach said nothing. Direct interview.

– How did you join Benfica in 2004?

– Due to an interview with Antonio Carrasa at A BOLA. He teamed up with the director of formation football, who in this interview said he was going to invest a lot in anticipation, especially on the South Coast, because this is an area that has historically provided players. I, who live in Settab, sent my application. I was called by Caraza for an interview and I was hired as an opportunity for a year. But I don’t know what a 10-year-old Benfica player is … I spent the afternoons and afternoons training under 10 and under 11 at the Pueblo du Exercito. That’s where I met Bruno Lage and Jaime Grana. Then I went to the Lodge Assistant and the 14-year-olds who were 16 years old.

– He has been training in all levels of training for over 16 years …

– Yes. Since Trapatoni I have seen previous seasons of seniors. I had to learn by watching the training of the seniors. I thought I would reach a senior team if everything went right and I would like to look forward to the work experience of the seniors. When there is a sudden change to Team B [quando Bruno Lage assumiu a equipa principal], If I did not have this luggage, I was able to manage it was still covered in junior football. I have always had a desire to reach seniors. I am a completely crazy person for training. I love both training and sports. Training and enjoyment of the game are one and the same. Time to create a workout. I have the privilege because I do what I am interested in and they still pay me for it.

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– But he left Benfica without coaching the first team. Did you feel ready to coach the main team?

– I felt it. I did it honestly. When Bruno [Lage] I felt he was ready for the post. The election of the president was systematic and Verizimo did the job he did. He is a great person, a good professional and a good coach, he will do a good job. Veracimo was not easy to hold in hand and gave a very positive response, but the truth is, if I had been selected, I would have felt ready. This idea was very clear in my head. I always have a plan B, when the news breaks …

– Did you think that was the same thing that happened to Buno Lage when he went upstairs to replace Rui Vitoria?

– Yes I did.

– Why didn’t it happen?

– Because the president decided something else, I had to respect. He may have thought that I was not ready to change the B and A team or that I did not want a brutal change. He was confident in Verocimo, and it was mine to respect the boss’ decisions. The president is the person who can govern the company. He wants the best for the company.

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