The Ball – Change of goal took everyone by surprise (Benfica)

The Ball - Change of goal took everyone by surprise (Benfica)

At Morera de Senecos, neither Heldon Light nor Odysseus Vlachodimos waited for the pre-game atmosphere. In Estor, Jorge Jesus decided to retain the 30-year-old Brazilian title that had already begun in the first leg of the Portuguese Cup semi-final, making his debut at the Eagle Championship. The upside of the medal is that, for the first time this season, the 26-year-old touched the Greek international in a league match. But this is not only the first time this season, it has been an unprecedented condition for Vlaschodimos, who has never been a substitute in championship games since coming to Luce.

He played in 33 rounds last season 2018/2019 (losing the 33rd round with Aves to rest from the game after an epidemic forced stoppage), until this round, he was only from the 15th round of the game., With the National, on January 25, then Govt. -19 was affected by the disease.

However, the coach’s decision to step down from Vlachodimos to start the Heldon light took both goalkeepers by surprise. The few days that Estoril separated the game from Morera de Senecos gave both players no clue about the event, and learned a pola, George Jesus announcing a hierarchical change only to Brazilians and Greeks continues from the beginning of this season.

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