The Ball – Curry more than ever in the Warriors’ victory over the Blazers (NBA)

The Ball - Curry more than ever in the Warriors' victory over the Blazers (NBA)

With more than a year without playing, Stephen Curry is better than ever. He scored 62 points last night, beating the Golden State Warriors over the Portland Trail Blazers (137-122).

The best brand ever Foundation 32, became the Warriors’ second best scorer in a game after Ricky Barry (scored 64 in 1974). Carrie also became the second-oldest NBA player to score 60 points in a game. The failed Kobe Bryant reached it at the age of 37.

In addition to scoring almost half of the team’s points, Charlie recorded 5 restarts and 4 assists, second only to Andrew Wiggins (21 points and 7 rebounds) and James Wiseman (12 points and 11 rebounds).

After starting the season with two defeats, the Warriors have now tied the scores, adding a third win in six games to match the Blazers’ fifth consecutive win in the Lakers-led Western Conference rankings (last night against two defeats).

Chicago Bulls – Dallas Mavericks 118 – 108
Brooklyn Nets – Washington Guides 122 – 123
Phoenix Sons – LA Clippers 107 – 112
Minnesota Timberwolves – Denver Nuggets 109 – 124
San Antonio Spurs – Utah Jazz 109 – 130
Golden State Warriors – Portland Trail Blazers 137 – 122
Memphis Chryslice – LA Lakers 94 – 108
Detroit Pistons – Boston Celtics 120 – 122

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