The Ball – «Eustuvio has a profile to play in a big game» (Banos de Ferreira)

The Ball - «Eustuvio has a profile to play in a big game» (Banos de Ferreira)

Following the news of a Pola, in Sunday’s edition, about FC Porto’s interest in midfielder Stephen Eustavio from Banos de Ferreira (there are already links between the clubs because Beavers Cruise used the option to buy from Azul) Led the club.

Pedro Keisinha has no doubt that Eustavio has the profile to play in a big game, and Cruz pulls the film back, remembering that Azul is also the biggest in Mexico. 6 We lost our 6 to Boca Juniors and we had some time to sign the alternative. In addition to the notes the club already had, we sought additional information from those who knew it. For example, I talked to Ricardo DiCiera, Scout From Atlee. Madrid, and Rui Jorge, under-21 coach. We will no doubt move forward, and when the sports director and I interviewed him, we were even more convinced when we realized his understanding of the game, ”he recalled.

But, in the second game for Cruz Azul, misfortune knocked on Eustachio’s door: a ruptured anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee pushed him off the field for several months. He made his debut for the Canadian national team (he was selected) in November 2019, but from January 2020 he began playing regularly on loan at Banos. There is no doubt that Pedro Keisinha still helped the young player (24 years old) to develop physically and mentally and to show his talent.

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