The Ball – Failure in the Introduction Leaving Silas «With Feelings» (Famalicão)

The Ball - Failure in the Introduction Leaving Silas «With Feelings» (Famalicão)

Famaliko coach George Silas attributes the defeat (0-2) to Morerens for his team’s first less successful area, realizing that he was surprised by the strategy outlined by Vasco Zebra.

Training Being in training is a positive aspect. As a result, the most important is the negative aspect. Mixed feelings, but the ending is very sad. We were ready to work three days for the team to play against an opponent we thought would be delivered in a different way. He presented himself with three lines, for which we were not prepared. Because we only had three days of training. I would have known what to do, but I thought it might have been bad to move in the second half without giving instructions to the players, he said.

I waited until the break and changed. In fact, the second part is a way of playing. We made 18 shots, we didn’t score. In terms of statistics, we were strong in everything except goals and mistakes. Our opponent made 29 mistakes and we made only nine. We need to be more aggressive, in a good way. But 29 fouls seems to be more than a football game. A player was sent to us. This is interesting. But that is not where we lost. We lost to the first part we did. We need to improve. We are going to improve and it is absolutely certain, ”said Silas.

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