The Ball – Football Monitoring Program: Sports Champion, Benfica Fourth (Liga)

The Ball - Football Monitoring Program: Sports Champion, Benfica Fourth (Liga)

The Swiss Football Laboratory (CIES), an independent team based in New Zealand, Switzerland dedicated to the statistical analysis of the King’s game, predicts the results of 22 European leagues, based on a model that transcends different aspects of the game, ie structured shots and areas (produced and delivered) Number of passes of team and opponents.

Well, in the case of the Portuguese League, the planned final classification now exists. According to CIES, the game is a champion with 82 points, 73 (73) than FC Porto, six (67) at SC Prague, the Dragons, and Benfica (66) less than the Armed Forces. In the 5th year, with Banos de Ferreira, 59, v. He is in 6th and 6th place than Quimaris.

Regarding the descendants and play-off spot (16th) owned by Bovista (16th), Formaligo (17th) and Forens (18th) before this day, CIES has a very different plan because, according to the analysis, Tondola (18th,) 31 points) and Famaliko (17, 32), who appear in the final Forensics (16, 32), are immediately ahead with the balance SAD and Bovista (both with 33).

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