The Ball – football We tried to give a hand to the world of football, but mainly to civil society »(FPF)

The Ball - football We tried to give a hand to the world of football, but mainly to civil society »(FPF)

In a regular Christmas message, Fernando Gomez, president of the Portuguese Football Association, highlighted the role of the organism in helping those most in need during a year marked by the extinction of the Covit-19 epidemic.

Fernando Gomez News:

The Portuguese Football Federation experienced the biggest challenges of its 106-year history in 2020.

In a year marked by the onset of the epidemic, successes and failures, joys and sorrows, for the first time in our history, cannot be measured by the results of teams or achievements in the field.

Our success in 2020, let it be clear, we will find a window of hope in the dark days through the ability to serve those who really need help or who have made the greatest sacrifice to help the country and the world.

We tried to give a helping hand to the football world, but mainly to civil society – our knowledge, our financial and human resources, and, essentially, our goodwill and total availability to help those who really need us.

We would definitely like to look back at last year, Euro 2020 football and the U21 qualification for Euros, the Futsal team’s qualification for the World Cup or many more results with European beach football.

We would like to celebrate the birth of Gaza Dose Atletas, the growth of the Portuguese football school, the certification work of football schools or the increase of our federation base, but we know that this year will not be like the others. We know we need to find the wisdom within ourselves to help patients, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, police, firefighters, or, more simply, the people of our country, to keep football in the background and to focus when needed. Faced and still faces many hours of difficulties.

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As the saying goes, we humbly seek the greatness of being greater than our sporting successes. If we manage to do this, we will continue to do so, thanks only to the extraordinary staff, collaborators, associates and supporters of FPF.

This year, more than any other year, our leadership, our associations, our athletes, our coaches, managers and clubs have demonstrated the ability to adapt to the times in which we live, and have transformed the sad reality of not being able to. Together physically. This Christmas season, I remember the signal given when the National Financial Prizes were awarded as a result of the Euro’s eligibility to help amateur football. Our unity is manifested in action, not just in words.

If we miss each other, it is because we are doing the right thing. As with other years, if we want to celebrate this Christmas in celebration, we also feel that our identity and values ​​do not allow us to celebrate in a way that affects everyone’s safety.

I would like to leave a word of hope for the future. Portuguese football knew how to embrace, react and fight against all the misery that has been placed in its path, but our eyes are constantly advancing more than ever. The “game” is still in the first half, and we will have to continue to do what we can in the face of the undeniable health and economic crisis. We accept the responsibility to do everything possible to help the country and the Portuguese to overcome the challenges that arise.

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Through our example and our commitment, we know that its capabilities can contribute to a more supportive, positive and confident community. This is the main challenge of 2021: turning the page and creating this truly traditional mission every day is the invention of the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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