The Ball – Free for Robben Amorim and Point Pedro Consoles Derby (Sports)

The Ball - Free for Robben Amorim and Point Pedro Consoles Derby (Sports)

The FPFCD’s decision on the elimination of Robben Amorim and Puntaren Gonzalez in the League Cup final was also announced (Hugo Vienna was also admitted), as well as SC Prague coach Carlos Carvalho

Leo coach was fined 20 1020, suspension and fined 30 1530 – Hugo Vienna was fined 12 612 and the referee’s report explains the reason: «He behaved irresponsibly. He was not on the coach’s bench until this moment in the game, and unexpectedly he appeared near the Prague bench and confronted the team’s representative, and there was a need for a 4th referee to come between them. They exchanged words aggressively, not identical to the jury. By the time the referee pulled him out and went to show him the card, he had already gone to the subway. »

The expulsion of Puntarenas Gonzalves was due to “crimes of contempt and reputation”. A referee after a false call he turned to it and said ‘you are a shame, don’t whistle’. After being expelled, he crossed the Prague bench and uttered some incomprehensible words to the jury, which caused a reaction from the Prague bench, the arbitrator’s statement continues.

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