The Ball – «Jesus and Mourinho are very similar (football)

The Ball - «Jesus and Mourinho are very similar (football)

George Silas gave an interview ESPN Brazil There he talks about the influence of Jose Mourinho and George Jesus on his journey as a warrior. Learning with both encouraged him to pursue a training career after hanging up his boots.

In the 2001/2002 season, former midfielder UT Liria joined Mourinho and then made his first steps as head coach after making his debut at young coach Benfica.

I could already see that this was different from everything I had already seen. The human relationship with the player and his tactical side are very strong. He and Jesus are very similar. I never played in the first division of Portugal, Mourinho knew me from Spain because he was an assistant in Barcelona, ​​Silas recalled, in AD.

Between 2006 and 2008, Silas was overseen by George Jesus at Balance.

Jesus When Jesus came, I called Renato – my friend who was trained by him – to ask for information. He replied: ‘Tactical position is better or better than Mourinho’. I said, ‘You’re crazy, I don’t believe it’. The truth is, I remembered the first week he told me. In fact, the missile told me things I had never heard before, and I had never seen a coach who corrected me so much. When I worked with him, I realized that I wanted to be a coach when I stopped playing. He inspired me and many others like Abel Ferreira [agora no Palmeiras]. I was a very technical player, but I saw the game very individually. At the collective level, I started to enjoy football, ”Silas explained ESPN Brazil, Points to the leading relationship with players as one of the best strengths of the current Benfica coach.

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With Him, the players had to realize that swearing was not against the person, but rather to help. Some players thought it was personal or he meant it, but no. Some people can not stand it because the pressure is high and requires maximum concentration at all times during training. He emphasized that the way he spoke was very straightforward and that strong people at the psychological level developed a lot with him.

Him I love him so much – and I’m accepted in my career – it’s true that he is one of the most talked about coaches in football. Sometimes he would tell me to do something and I would tell him to do something else. If he can prove that my idea is the best, he will agree to it. He is not a dictator. Often he would come the next day and say he thought about what I said and enjoyed it. On the contrary, I am not a coach, ”said Silas.

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