The Ball – Miss Podium at Catarina Costa, Jonah Ramos and Delma Montero Doha Masters (Judo)

The Ball - Miss Podium at Catarina Costa, Jonah Ramos and Delma Montero Doha Masters (Judo)

Katarina Costa (-48kg), Jonah Ramos (-52kg) and Delma Montero (-57kg) were Portuguese on the first day of the World Masters Uniting World Judo Elite in Doha, Qatar.

Catarina Costa and Delma Montero both finished fifth. Due to seed status, Katrina Costa began her journey in the second round, where she won the ‘Vasari’, the Mongolian Naransetsek Kanpathar (last World Masters Racer). In the quarterfinals, the young Portuguese presented world number one Distria Krosniki for the film ‘Vasari’. In the comebacks, Spain’s ‘Shidos’ (penalty) amassed a place in the finals block, beating fourth-ranked Julia Fikurova. In the fight for the bronze, Catarina faced world champion Daria Pilodit, but after the first minute of the fight, she could not avoid the Ukrainian’s preferred immobilization technique (Sangaku Kattem) and the subsequent ‘Iban’.

Delma Monteiro began by eliminating Austria’s Sabrina Filsmoser (29th in the world rankings) with ‘Ipon’, then ‘Ipon’ overtook Tunisian Kofran Kelifi (36th). In the quarterfinals, after a consistent match with No. 7 in the world rankings, Sarah Leoni Cicic was defeated by the French woman for scoring ‘Vasari’. Portuguese Olympic medalist Chen-Ling Lyon (ranked 12th) won the Best Supporting Role for the film ‘Vasari’. Their last and final match against Nora Djokovic, the 5th world nation, was decided only during the ‘golden dot’ period, with Kosovo achieving the decisive ‘wasari’.

According to Jonah Ramos, he beat British Chelsea Giles by a ‘pass’ in the ‘golden dot’ period, but in the next round he failed to break the No. 1 ranking and runner-up spot on the last world masters, Amandin Bouchard from France. .

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The competition continues this Tuesday, with Barbara Timo and Henri Ekuditz in action.

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