The Ball – no no doubt: Balance SAT is our name (Plence SAT)

The Ball - no no doubt: Balance SAT is our name (Plence SAT)

Rui Point Pedro Soros, chairman of the Balancing SAD, responded to the decision of the intellectual property court, which was contacted last Friday. According to the ruling, when the Associated Anonymous Desportiva was incorporated in 1999, it acquired the right to use the name, brand and emblems of the Oz Bellens football club for professional football.

Long no doubt, the Balance SAD confirmed that our name and the court are the group denying the league. It was the result we always expected, and it was a great day and a huge success for Balance. Send a word to the supporters because this clarifies what is being said and, above all, who is telling the truth is the SAD management. Three years later, they were accused of unjustly embezzling the name of Balansens, all of which were clarified today. From now on, those who call us PSAD do not see the truth and slander us, ”he said.

The president of SAD do Belenenses also opened the door to a final agreement with the club.

“We have lived through this conflict for six years, not because of our will. Remember that the first face of this conflict is the electrocution in the studio in Restolo. But it is time to find a solution, which makes no sense in confronting this conflict and has been going on since 2015.

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