The Ball – Rafael Leono’s goal reduces Milan’s victory to ten in Benevento (Italy)

The Ball - Rafael Leono's goal reduces Milan's victory to ten in Benevento (Italy)

Milan beat Benevento 2-0 in the 15th round of the Italian Serie A this Sunday.

The Rosonery After knocking down Toa Ande Rebic in the penalty area, on a penalty converted by Kessie in the 15th minute, they began to claim an 11-meter victory.

Stefano Pioli’s side were reduced to ten in the 33rd minute after young Italian midfielder Sandro Donali saw the red light straight through a tough entry on Ionita.

The best moment of the match was set aside for 49 minutes, with Rebekah Rafael introducing Leo into a diagonal that kept the Portuguese from the goal. However, the striker was faster than goalkeeper Lorenzo Montebo and rotated himself to face the goal, so that the ball came closer to the goalkeeper and closer to the far post. A great goal!

In the 60th minute, after Grunick misjudged Gianluca Cabrari, Filippo Inzaki had another great chance to cut the score, but the Benevento player missed a penalty by knocking it out.

Milan take the lead with 37 points, one more than rival Inter. This is a great start for Rosenori, as the league has been counting three points for a win since 1994.

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