The Ball – Roman There can be no greater honor than giving a trophy to fantastic Roma fans (Rome)

The Ball - Roman There can be no greater honor than giving a trophy to fantastic Roma fans (Rome)

After Roma’s 2-0 win over SC Prague, in the first leg of the Europa League 32 round, Paulo Fonseca accepted the club’s desire to win a title and talked about the identity he wanted to establish at the club.

With the beginning, I believe that having interest is essential, and sending it to others is fundamental to success; I’m interested in what I do, especially when it comes to trying to create an identity within the team. Then it is important to be consistent and give ambition to the team so that they always play with confidence to develop their game, ”he told Roma TV.

He also believes Roma can improve, defending that they don’t have the right teams. Coach No coach can say he has everything he wants, no perfect teams, I am always dissatisfied and I think we can always make progress. Here in Rome, as the months go by, I can say that the team is not far from reflecting what I want and satisfying me, ”he said.

In anticipation of Sunday’s game against Benevento, the Portuguese coach said he was aware of the importance of winning trophies. Oma Roma is an ambitious club and wants to be close to a title. I have no greater honor than to present a trophy to fantastic Roma fans. “The club is very interested and I want to return the results,” he said, adding that “it is difficult to say who can win the Europa League.”

“Continuity is very important, so I’m starting to realize that the pre – season period is very important, we have more time to act on the principles of the game,” he underlined, as the season is “coming back to the next game”.

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