The Ball – They can take me wrong, even some athletes விளையாட்டு (Sports)

The Ball - They can take me wrong, even some athletes விளையாட்டு (Sports)

Derby’s victory is four points higher than FC Porto, led by Sport League, and second and third, fourth, nine ahead of SC Prague and Benfica, respectively. However, Robben Amorim refuses to accept the title attempt. It also rejects the notion that the lion is lacking in ambition.

Game We can not be more ambitious than winning the next game. I understand the question and this idea, it seems like a way to protect ourselves … maybe it’s a little, but I understand how it is. It changes from one moment to the next, we are not even on the second lap. We have a very young team, but if the players have one thing, it is ambition and it is seen on the field. We will continue with our idea, “he told a news conference.” When it depends only on the last game of the champions, we will consider the candidates. Until then, even if they take me wrong, even some sports scholars, I will carry my hopes to the end. »

About the use of straw in Derby: «We talked during the week and started making the game. Matthias [Nunes], For his behavior in training and sports, he deserves to play. Obviously, if Palhinha is fit, it means he will play, which does not mean Matthias was on the bench, he can play in a different position. »

I said nothing to Pal Palhinha because he understood. He confused himself. He did not go to the internship, he suddenly appeared in the academy. Being such an important player, even for the team spirit and the quality he possesses, it is important that he is in the game for what he gave us at the end of the game that we had to keep the midfield better. But it is not necessary to be in the beginning because we prepared the game in a different way, ”said the coach.

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