The Ball – they lose space for kids if they make it easy விளையாட்டு (Sports)

The Ball - they lose space for kids if they make it easy விளையாட்டு (Sports)

Seven matches were planned, and Sports Coach Robben Amorim was asked if he considered the team strong enough to face the crucial matches of three straight opponents, SC Prague, FC Porto and Benfica, in January.

We are ready for that. Players need these games. This is our strategy, and with it we will grow, there will be growing pains, but they must be prepared, they must grow fast. We will train and give maximum. I think these are the players who came from the game. Part of the strategy for using junior players or training. We will be ready for all games. But these games are not with us. We started with SC Prague, but then we have Mortimo for National and Cup, we need all the players. Everyone will play and we will be ready for every game. »

He continued when asked about the example of Gonzalo Inacio (2-1) victory over Pelinens in Zamor.

You’re ready, it’s the perfect way to play. They have to be prepared, they are the basis of our team. We have two players per level and no kids on the team. What we have is a player, a player he develops in many positions. This is very clear on the team: if someone fails, they know that if any player with status on the team facilitates, they are losing space for the kids. We need to realize that Gonzalo Inacio played for the juniors last season. Come to the hard field, starting a slide for the first time and trying to lose the ball. These are growing pains. If the same thing happened to Coates, I wouldn’t be so worried. He is. We managed to see it, don’t be afraid. We trust them and we know they will have difficulties, but that is only part of the process. »

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