The Ball – Tony: Speed, speed, aggression and lack of attitude Ben (Benfica)

The Ball - Tony: Speed, speed, aggression and lack of attitude Ben (Benfica)

Tony Benfica’s heart allowed him to take his voice, yesterday, to talk about the team’s moment with a pola, in an honest translation of the emotions it conveys to him – not just because he traveled on the Azores. But, instead, he insisted on putting up points. அனைவருக்கும் Everyone knows my meaning with Noronha Lopez in the last election, but I am not in opposition in Benfica! Then he went straight to the point.

Ben I have said many times that this Benfica is far from Benfica to George Jesus. But that was not yesterday [anteontem, nos Açores] Only. Jesus’ teams had a good partnership, defensive and offensive structure, they were teams in general, and as a result of organizing themselves, with high pressure, rapid changes turned into a brand image. But what is certain is that within this expectation that I and many fans had, Benfica, with the exception of the first four or five matches, even with better results than the exhibitions, but won, saying that it was not Benfica that says, “The absence of champions was the first shock” Caused a realistic conflict with speech. If we add to the expectations created as a result of the very strong message that Ben Benfica will play and destroy three times – and I understand that it belongs to someone [Jesus] Anyone who wants to mobilize fans – the ecstasy of arrival, I think all of this contributes to this situation. But which state? Tony is a Benfica who knows he is “third in the table, second in the league”, “still in Europa League, League Cup and Portugal Cup”, they are all “achievable goals”, but the analysis really emphasizes the coach, you can doubt …

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