The Ball – Tot I will stay in Tottenham’s history for good reasons »(Tottenham)

The Ball - Tot I will stay in Tottenham's history for good reasons »(Tottenham)

Jose Mourinho, led by Tottenham, is optimistic about the future. Naturally upset by the bad results, he refuses to give up and guarantees that he has “more motivation than ever” to face a new challenge in his long and successful training career.

This is good to say I’m not used to it, but the coach always wanted to know that there was a blue sky, never clouds or even a little dark sky. May be the coach who has always been in the dominant club in a particular league. It only proves how beautiful my career has been, ”the Portuguese coach pointed out, ahead of Wednesday’s match against Wolfsburg in London, in the second leg of the Europa League round 32 (first win 4-1).

Context What if this environment makes me depressed? No. It’s a challenge, I think I have to do it. I am more motivated than ever. I never realized what coaches usually feel when the results are not good: they are alone. We are all in the same boat. No one is happy, but no one is depressed, ”he added.

At 58, Mourinho says he is now a more mature coach.

God Thank God I was not the coach I was in the past. We all evolved. Sometimes I had problems, not in terms of results, because I didn’t have many bad results, but in my daily life and before that I responded very emotionally. Instead of helping me, he admitted that it created even more conflicts.

Happy I am not happy, but I feel calm, maturity helps, I feel very confident. I believe in Tottenham’s history I will be for good reasons, not bad ones, ”he predicted.

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