The Ball – v Govt-19? Everyone is being attacked, even the President விளையாட்டு (Sports)

The Ball - v Govt-19?  Everyone is being attacked, even the President விளையாட்டு (Sports)

Robben Amorim was asked if football should be stopped if the country is taken to a second prison during the rising Govt-19 cases in Portugal.

It’s hard to control everything. Everyone, even the President of the Republic, catches the most restrained person who is always with negative or positive cases. It was beyond me. There are people to determine it, and we need to think about tomorrow. We must first protect the lives of the people, but also cover the lives of the people without stopping the country. (In football) we are very tested, and yet, cases cannot be dismissed, but there are people to determine it. We need to know that we need tomorrow and do everything we can to protect ourselves and our families. We are not in England or France, where they can stop everything and start where they left off. We know the difficulties of the country and Portuguese football. We want to protect the work of the people of tomorrow because we will not be harmed if football is stopped. We have our work and work done, the affected people are around the club. We face those who do not earn as much as we earn. We are setting a precedent, trying to get on the boat, I think we can do that, ”he told a news conference.

Sporar and Nuno Mendes gave false positives and failed to play with Rio Ave: «It’s a little frustrating, but that’s why we did not get good results (1-1). We weren’t going to hide behind it, but that kind of hurt us. Mistakes happen. It’s not just about losing players, it’s about getting lost in the dressing room. These explosions are difficult to deal with. We find it hard to focus on the game again. All teams experience this at the same time. »

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