The Ball – «We control the game, not the referees’ decisions Pa (Banos de Ferreira)

The Ball - «We control the game, not the referees' decisions Pa (Banos de Ferreira)

Pride. This is Peba’s feeling with the exhibition of Banos de Ferreira in Alvalade. Defeat with Sport (0-2) underscores the good game of speed against the league leader by any means.

The players are proud of what they have done. Happiness on the pitch, true to our identity, we are not happy with the way we acknowledge goals. From the first to the last minute we were looking for happiness. We controlled the depth and breadth of the game very well and we had no performance in the last three. We had a chance to score, but we could not. This is a good football game. There are no moral victories, we want to win, but we played here with a lot of personality and courage. We stuck to our identity and our ideas, today we are not happy, congratulations to the game for the victory அவர், he spoke to Sport TV.

Referee competition during the game: «This is a part, it is the heat of the game. I watched the penalty shootout. What can we do? I’m not going to catch it. We had 80 minutes. We control the game, not the decisions of the referees. They have to decide, badly or well they have to decide, it is not easy. We had to go after the game, we didn’t make it, but we tried. When that is the case, we will win many times. »

Banos de Ferreira have not lost to the league since Day 9 (1-2 with Lucille Benfica).

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If we look at that defeat and this defeat, the way the team faced the game and looked for victory was the same. We were just like ourselves, ”he said.

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