The Ball – «We have a final in the pocket and the pocket is closed (Tottenham)

The Ball - «We have a final in the pocket and the pocket is closed (Tottenham)

Jose Mourinho refuses to see the Europa League as the ‘salvation’ of Tottenham’s era. Domestically, the London players are ninth in the Premier League and have a guaranteed presence in the League Cup final, where they will face Manchester City, Pep Cardiola and Portuguese Robben Dias, Joao Gonzalo and Bernardo Silva. The game is scheduled for April 25th. Until then, he warns, there are other wars to be fought. And success.

Ly First, there is a finale to play in your pocket. That’s it, there’s a lock. And the pocket is closed. We will not open it until April 25th. But it is a fact that this is a final match for us and it is very important for us. In the Premier League, accounts are made only after the last game. In the Europa League, there are many teams who want to win it, including those who have been unjustifiably eliminated from the Champions League, stressing the Portuguese coach, after the win against Wolfsburg (4-1), the 16th round Europa League final in the first round.

“I have always argued that championships are for teams that qualify for the Champions League and Europa League for teams that qualify for the Europa League. The rules are, we have to respect them, but the teams from the Champions League are favorites », Mourinho argued, concluding: the Europa League has many candidates to win. Looking only at our country (England), we have Tottenham, Arsenal, Manchester United and Leicester. If you look at other countries, you can find many good teams with the same goal. »

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