The Ball – We lost the game because we made so many personal mistakes (Famalicão)

The Ball - We lost the game because we made so many personal mistakes (Famalicão)

Analysis of Famalico coach Jono Pedro Sousa after his side lost to FC Porto (1-4) in the 13th round of the league.

What failure? I cannot say that the strategy failed. The way we planned the game, it didn’t even go wrong. These are personal mistakes we cannot make. We lost the game because we made many personal mistakes that led to the opponent’s goals. As such, it is difficult against teams like FC Porto, ”he told Sport TV at the end of the match.

Heavy results? The soldiers ran and fought, yes. On the other hand, if we make mistakes, we are subject to conceding goals, especially against strong teams like FC Porto. Even after the draw, we agreed on a goal we could not agree on. We need to look at the mistakes that cannot happen again at this level. »

Strategy: The idea is to try to win. The fact that another player is on the defensive line does not mean that we are only concerned with the defense and that we have left the draw instead. This is not enough to create more problems in FC Porto’s defensive line and reach the final line. »

More backup? Management is doing everything to improve the Improved team. One or the other player will leave and this time (16th place) people will come to improve and achieve the goal we want to occupy a position that is different from the one we occupy. “

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