The Ball – we said we were going to rock, but Govt shook Benfica Ben (Benfica)

The Ball - we said we were going to rock, but Govt shook Benfica Ben (Benfica)

After Jesus’ (2-0) win over Los Angeles, George Jesus pulled himself out of the galleys to defend himself and Benfica.

“It was not easy. I spent 15 days without seeing my players and training. Covit-19 Benfica in disaster! This was no exception, but for three weeks he removed the technical and medical team. Of the 27 players on the team, only three were unaffected. I passed, not a cold.If I had to play today I would not play.I had an aggressive coward, but stay on the bench and scream … Benfica has lost its identity and confidence.Thanks, we trust science, we will have no more problems for three months He continued:

V Govit has the biggest shots and we have been keeping this for two months. From Dragon we had 10 players and 16 elements workers Infected. It’s competitive, it’s confident … I do not see the players, they do not see me … Each is fitted in a room, which looks like a phantom team. But as it passes, we go back to training and gain technical and tactical levels, thus playing 70 or 80 minutes at a high level, not just half an hour.

– Covit-19 leaves the sequel, I do not apologize because we have no end. I accept my responsibilities as a trainer, but I am not a doctor! Yes, I know the harm this has done to the Benfica team, but the time has come for us to recover because we will keep the players on the sidelines, but not sick at home. When I arrived I was told it would be a team to beat Benfica, we started the season well, but no one in the world knew this in advance, it was unknown. It was Govt who devastated us, ”he concluded.

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